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I just installed a Canon D1250u2f scanner and I'm having nothing but problems with it.

When I first installed the scanner, I used the drivers included with windows.  Using those, I could capture images from the scanner using windows xp's built-in scanning features.  And the images I scanned were correctly colored.

But the canon software didn't work with this driver.  So I uninstalled and re-installed the scanner following instructions on Canon's web site.  This time the canon software could capture images from the scanner, but the images it captured were strangely colored.  It seemed like everything that was supposed to be white was yellow.  And with it installed like this, the scanning features built-in to windows xp didn't recognize the scanner.   In mspaint, the "From scanner or camera" option is greyed-out.
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Crash2100Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was the scanner, I exchanged it and it all works perfictly now!
Crash2100Author Commented:
I uninstalled the drivers and software with that utility, and I installed the updated driver, but it still does the same thing.

I don't have USB 2.0, it's using a USB 1.1 port.  I doubt that has anything to do with it since it scans ok, it's just the color.

How do I adjust the white balance?
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If your twain isn't working (i.e. can't scan from within applications), something's still amiss.

White balance should be a setting in the canoscan application.
Crash2100Author Commented:
I can't find a white balance setting.  But I did try installing the scanner on another computer, and it did the same thing.

I've been talking with canon, and they said it appears that the scanner is defective.  So I'll exchange it and I'll let you know what happens.
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