BIOS, boot trouble!

My comp has not been booting properly for the last month, I have to start/shutdown "manually"
for four, to six times before it works. and sometimes I get "no keybaord, no mouse", message.
or "cmos settings wrong" message. Now, I thought this was due to the bios batt, but I replaced
that, and the problem remains!
Here is a link to my mobo specs:

And I'm also running an extra HD (for storage) and had to disable the 3" "A" drive becuase there
was no room in the slimline case for that second HD.
(This can't have anything to do with it, can it?)
No matter what settings I give bios, the problem is still there (although in varying degrees of severity)
Please help!
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:
I am swinging towards a bad motherboard.  Or bad ram (maybe...but not likely)  

reason why I say motherboard is because you have to reboot or manually shutdown the machine many times before it can boot properly.  Waht I would suggest you do is open up the case and look at the capacitors on the motherboard.  See if they are buldging or leaking or corroding.  If they are, that could definitely be part of the problem.  Also it could be a fluctuating power supply or bad Power supply check that one out too...

wdr503Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would strip down the mobo to first HDD, ram, and processor. See what happens with that.
If still problems, try different ram.
If still problems try different HDD.
Still problems, it will be mobo or processor.
What is the wattage of your P/S.   I would try removing the new HD that you put in there and see if it boots.
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fallenknight308Author Commented:
Thank you!
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
What was the problem?  did you solve it?  Bad board?  bad something?
fallenknight308Author Commented:
No, I haven't had time yet :)
I will come back when I know.
you can open the question back up and we can help you through a solution.  That is what this site is for.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented: didnt "need" to close the question right away...but if you want you can ask them to reopen the question and continute to post when you have a solution or whatever.
fallenknight308Author Commented:
Yah, I understand that, but I'm not concerned with the points, I'm inclined to believe that
it is the mobo. And if its the HD, I have some of my program files on there, so if I disconnect
that, I'm running into problems anyway :|
Basically; I'm going to build one up next year.
So I'll keep you posted.
Thank you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :)

If you'all want to keep giving advice, I won't mind.
:) :|
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented: prob....just keep us informed and if you have questions pertaining to the original one here, we should and will address them when the time comes....If you have different questions later on, you can open new ones! :)
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