Getting Outlook to Know What Account to Send With


Thanks very much for taking the time to read our question.  On our server all the mail for different departments goes into a postmaster account, Billing, Sales, Purchases etc.  The mail is all downloaded on one machine from the postmaster account.  

On that machine there are all the departmental accounts and the postmaster account, whith the postmaster account set as the default.  When a mail comes in that was sent specifically to Billing or Sales or Purchases in clicking reply, Outlook always chooses to reply using the postmaster account, the Outlook default account.  How can we get Outlook to look for which account the mail was sent TO and then use that one in replying?  They are all in the accounts in Outlook on that machine.  Is there any way for Outlook to look at the "To" account and use the same one for replying?  Sometimes, if we don't remember to change the replying account to the proper one, the reply will be sent out under the default account rather rather than the one it was sent to.  For instance, it comes to the Sales account, but, if we forget to check, we can accidentally send the reply with the Outlook default account, postmaster, and it makes things look bad on us.  

Many thanks,

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May be I am not clear but have you looked at this
open outlook
go to tools --> options --> Mailsetup --> email accounts
view or change email account
then select the name of the account and click change --> more settings
and check the reply Email . give the address where your email reply has to be sent to

yunkaaAuthor Commented:
Hi Sunray,

Thanks so much for replying.  Tried that, sent ourselves an email using an outside account.  It came in, was sent to Billing, but then, in clicking reply, Outlook has the "This message will be sent via" still as the Outlook default account.  You suggestion makes sense.  Is there anything else we should try?

Many thanks,

Where are the mailboxes stored?
How are they accessed: POP3, IMAP or MAPI?

Are they stored on an Exchange server?
If yes, which version: 5.5 or e2k
Does postmaster profile manage the other mailboxes: in the folder list, do you have postmaster mailbox, billing mailbox, sales mailbox?

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yunkaaAuthor Commented:
Hi Stefri,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our question!

They are accessed on a regular a regular pop server.

>>Does postmaster profile manage the other mailboxes:
>>in the folder list, do you have postmaster mailbox,
>>billing mailbox, sales mailbox?

When you say profile, what do you mean?

We have no specific mailboxes for postmaster, or sales, but use content rules send those messages to different folder for me to review.

Many thanks,

Have you tried the FROM field?  If it isn't displayed, you can create a new email and then check it from the Options button (2002-03 I believe) or the View menu in 2000.  Change it to be FROM the account you want.
I had problems with this and found the workaround to be changing the Reply To address under Options for each email.
I had no real problems with this using OL2k and ES4.5 but have had problems getting it to work with OL2002 and 2003 without an ES.  That is when I had to use the Reply To workaround.

Either way there would be an issue. Whether people send to billing account or sales account , when you reply outlook would help you select from which FROM address you want to reply to .. It helps you by putting the default email account thinking that , that account is the account you use most of the times .. If you think billing is going to mostly used you can change accordingly

Well I am not saying there is no real solution for this..

Hi Yunkaa

Are you using Exchange?  

If so, you could create 'users' for Billing, Sales, etc and give them the appropriate email address i.e., and then put the name Billing in the from field when replying.  Then when your customers receive the email, they would see either From: Billing or From:
yunkaaAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone...

We have more than one domain.  Al the mail actuall comes from the domains respective clearinghouse mailboxes.  Srangely, when a mail comes in through the other domain's clearinghouse box, the reply account Outlook chooses is the other domain's clearinghouse account on the machine:

When replying to mail that came to Billing via Posmaster Domain A, Outlook chooses its Postmaster Domain A as the reply account.  Reply to mail that came to Sales through Postmaster Domain B, Outlook chooses to reply with the Domain B Postmaster account on the machine.  Perhaps it reads the header and chooses the matching account on the machine?


yunkaaAuthor Commented:
Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for all your answers.  The issue was HOW we downloaded.  By only accessing the postmaster mailbox, to which all mails were forwarded, Outllook just read the source box, postmaster, as the original location and thus as the reply location.  Our misdirection here occured almost a year ago.  When we were still using Outlook Express our host told us that OE could only acess 5 accounts simultaneously on their servers.  This meant that all our different accounts, and there are more than 5, could not be grabbed at each download.  The easiest solution to us at the time appeared to be forwarding to a default box, and then just downloading the one.  We later upgraded all our computers to Outlook, but were still tied to that "%'s the Limit" idea and just accepted it.  With the advent of a few new mail accounts, out of sheer frustration, we inocently inquired of the host: "What is the maximum number of accounts that could be accessed using Outllook and expected the same limited response.  The answer: no limit.  THis solved the problem.  Now we download the accounts individually, but also simultaneously.  This preserves their reply identity.  I'm not sure if this was a limitation on the hosts part or one of those, "Upgrade Inducing" limitations built into OE.  We are, as ever, so grateful for the detailed and informed responses from you all.  

Kindest regards,

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