Change date in Sco Unix 4.2

I got a system which  is Oracle database system run under Sco Unix 4.2. for circumstance I might need to change my system date. like 08/11/2003 to 08/11/2002, how can I make sure both Sco Unix 4.2 and Oracle databse be changed also?

so I not reallly familiar on both OS and Oracle. please advise me.

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You can change the date in the PC BIOS (CMOS).

or login as root

use "date" command to retset the date
man date

to learn more

if you use "date" change the system date, you need to reboot your system.
sqlplus scott/tiger;
select sysdate from dual;

on the unix box run..
date to check the system data.

date can also be used to set the system date.

run date -y to see format it accepts
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See man date in order to find out the format to use, for that
differs from some kind of unix.

Once Oracle gets the date from OS, it will be right to the
if you have uod426d installed on your system then you should be y2k compliant and the date command will work correctly.  Use:

     date mmddhhmmyy

for example today is 12/09/03 and approx 3:52PM

     date 1209155203

Good Luck.

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on you also have a utility called asktime which is the same format as the time/date check when you boot the system.  setclk will read/write the real time clock to/from your system time.
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