Can I copy this onto my MAC?

I made a DVD of my family with iMovie and iDVD. The final dvd (movie) that I had on my computer was accidently deleted (long story). However I did burn it on to a DVD. But I want the movie itself to be on my hard drive. Can I copy the DVD back into my computer?
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Sure, it's probably not protected etc so open the Video_TS folder, and find the few files in a row that are 1024kb in size. Or the only file if its a short movie. If you have several of that size also grab the next one after it even if its smaller. Copy them to your HD, and rename them with .MPG extensions. Try opening them with QuickTime. If QT doesnt play the audio grab VLC (terribly buggy program but works well for VOB files). Rename the files with VOB again and use VLC.
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
weed, I'm not sure that I understand you very well. I popped in the DVD and then opened it. I see 2 folders in there. One that says audio_ts and the other that says video_ts. In video_ts I see a lot of files. They all end with .bup, .ifo and .vob. I copied one of the .vob which happens to have an icon of VLC next to it. I copied it onto a folder. I click on it and VLC opens up. But the thing is that I set up all these movies to play on a DVD player. And I set up all these movies into one whole DVD movie. I need it to open with iDVD. But instead, with VLC,  it just opens the Menu of the movie. I need to copy the DVD exactly in its entirety. As if the DVD disc was in the DVD drive.
You copied the wrong file. The files you want are the VOB files. There will be several smaller tracks, and a few bigger ones that are the main track. It will probably only open with VLC because its a muxed MPEG-2 file. So you can either play the files with VLC, or you can demux them and recombine the audio/video tracks and have playable MPEG-2 files for QT.

Now, the whole iDVD thing is new. Why do you need to open it with iDVD?
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Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
oops! Sorry! Not iDVD but in DVD format. I need to be able to pick and select the menus and which movies and pictures I want to see that are on the DVD.
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
I want it to be as if I just popped in a DVD into a DVD player. And there isn't any sound at all! There is nothing in the audio_ts folder.
The Audio_TS folder is supposed to be empty.

If you want the menus etc try this. Copy the entire DVD disc to your HD. Regular old drag-n-drop. Open DVD Player. Go to File>Open Video_TS Folder. Pick the Video_TS folder. That should do it.

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Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
It works!!! Great! Thanks weed! Wait a second. Be honest with me. Does this mean that I can a DVD...drag and drop this DVD onto my HD and Voila!! I got the Movie on my computer for life??? And does this mean that I can later burn that movie that is on my HD onto a blank DVD??
Not really. Most DVDs have some sort of copy protection on them. The playback will be garbled, or just wont play at all. There are ways around it but the legalities say the least.
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