String compare

String A =  "there is a UDP"
String B = "UDP"

How to find out whether string A contains "UDP"?
should i use string compare or anything?
should i str compare String A and B??
Could anyone advise

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man strstr

Drew BentonCommented:
grg99 is right what function but ill explain:

void TestFunction()
char* A = "there is a UDP";       // Your first orig string
char* B = "UDP";                      // Your second string you're looking for

char* result = strstr(A,B);         // strstr returns a pointer of char* of the first whole occurance

if(result)                // if the pointer actually has a location now ie: the WHOLE string was found
   ;                        // String was found, so do what ever you want now
   ;                        // String was not found, so dont do what was planned

- Drew

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All you guys said is correct in C.
But, if you use C++ (I suppose you do) and you use 'string' class to store your strings. Then you should use find() method of the class string:

string A =  "there is a UDP";
string B = "UDP";

if (A.find(B) != -1)
     cout << "String A contains string B" << endl;
     cout << "String B was not found in string A" << endl;
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Drew BentonCommented:
hey ques: i was thinking the same thing as igor_sk siad, but it was part of a CString class (MFC), now this string class, umm honeslty, nvr heard of it b4 in C++, so what do i need to do to use it or is it a default type?
OwenManiaAuthor Commented:
But how come i cannot declare String??
There's an error: Undeclared identifier "string"

i have already included string.h

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <STRING>

int main () {

String A;
return 0;
Drew BentonCommented:
#include <STRING.H>
then that code
Drew BentonCommented:
then String/string
OwenManiaAuthor Commented:
i have tried but failed
OwenManiaAuthor Commented:
The method is:
  #include <string.h>
  using namespace std;

Drew BentonCommented:
Ahh here we go, take a look at this:
Drew BentonCommented:
If that doesnt work, id recommend taking a look at my 1st post example of using the char*'s and try that to do what you want to do
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