Another unattended installation question

    I am performing an unattended CD installation of windows 2000 professional with the answer file on a floppy. The installation is automatic with the exception of the setup screen with states:

To continue setup press C:

To quit setup, press F3.

What do I have to add to my sif file to make this installation fully automatic?

Where can I find a list of scripting commands?


The contents of my winnit.sif file are as follows:








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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi java2student,

Take a look here => http:Q_20816712.html


Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
nevermind, that was your own question ;-) sorry
Justin CAWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Take a look at this MS Doc:

It will describe how to completely automate an install.  It also describes how to completely automate an install onto one bootable disks, which will make your installs much easier.  
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Short answer , No

you have completed all the necessary steps for your automation...

unfortunately this is the only user input that is required at boot time...

java2studentAuthor Commented:
If I copied the winnt.sif file to the I386 folder would this solve the problem?
It doesn't matter

the same input is required when booting

so you put the cd in , boot , and have to tell it to start the unattended install!  
that is the only input you will have to do.
No big deal you right there when the PC boots anyway.
there is no way around's more like a safety issue than anything :)

you were referring to right when it boots I hope!
java2studentAuthor Commented:
Hi wtrmk74:

                   Yes, I was referring to when the OS begins to boot and I have another.

Would the problem be solved if I setup a RIS ?

If I setup a network what I do  need to use a RIS? One server? Two?DNS? Active Directory? other requirements?
Justin CAWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
What did you name the answer file on the floppy disk?
Justin CAWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
To use RIS, you'll need an AD network with DNS and DHCP running.  That can be done with one server, but that's overkill for installing just a few systems.  You can create a single bootable CDROM with the installation media and the answer file so that you simply boot from the CD and the OS installs automatically, I'm just trying to remember where exactly the answer file goes on the disk.  I want to say in the root of the CDROM, but I'm checking that to be sure....
Nope same problem,

you are still doing the same task... Installing OS
the setup portion will still go thru the same set of prompts.
in will check for available space , load drivers , bla bla bla etc... and still give you the same prompt

setup has finished loading the necessary files to complete installation.....
to continue press C

All you need is a dedicated share folder on an existing harddrive within your network.
This folder would hold all the files necessary to complete the install.
you would need to run the setupmgr again and change the parameters to match your distibution folder.


winnt.sif goes in the i386 directory!

java2student and I have already crossed that bridge in a different post.
remember how we talked about your structure...
if you use the distibution folder methods
you will have to make sure the
$OEM$ folder is in the i386 folder also...

remember I was telling you about the flaws between a CDrom  install where $OEM$ has to be in root of CD
and Network installs it has to be in the i386 directory.

your answer file is on a floppy with the network method!
your answer file can be a floppy or CD with CDROM boot method!

I think your trying to go thru to much work!

use the CD method with the winnt.sif file in the i386 directory
and add your extra updates with the $OEM$ / UPDATES folders and the CMDLINES.TXT file.


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java2studentAuthor Commented:
Yes, I certainly am going through alot work but I do have a goal.

The goal is to be certified in Windows 2000.

Justin CAWS Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Working on becoming an MCP?  MCSE?  

There are a lot of study materials out there, study hard and good luck ;)

have a great holiday season

good luck with your certification!  :)
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