Very similiar web application to ISAPI

I would like to use VB to create a dll that is similiar to ISAPI. This dll should
be able to set/get cookies or session, as well as handle request (form)
from user. How am I going to do this ? Any sample or resource on the web ?
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"HOWTO: Obtain ObjectContext with ObjectControl Inside VB COM DLL From ASP and MTS"

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nicolleAuthor Commented:

I know how to do ActiveX Dll. What I want is to be able to call the dll in url like
Then it must be an ISAPI dll, which I don't believe is a capability of Visual Basic.  Unless, you mistyped your example and you meant:

and not mydll.asp.  You can embed an ActiveX dll to be called from an ASP page and get references to the instrinsic Request, Response, Session, etc. ASP objects within the dll.
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nicolleAuthor Commented:
OK ! I am thinking doing my code in either ASP or Java Servlet. The thing is I don't want to let
anyone see my code. Thus, I want to do the code in dll which is ISAPI.

Do you have any recommendation for me ?
You can do an ActiveX DLL and your code will be compiled and hidden.  Look at the article I originally linked you to.  It talks about how to get the intrinsic ASP objects referenced in your ActiveX DLL, so you can do things like:

Response.Write "some html code"

from within your ActiveX DLL.  If you are so inclined, you can generate the entire page from the dll.  I have seen people do that before.
nicolleAuthor Commented:
Java servlet is stored in memory after first used, so the second visit and so on is loaded from
the memory. How about ActiveXDLL ?
No, you either need to store information in Session variables, or to a database (using a SessionID to identify the user across multiple page requests).
nicolleAuthor Commented:
No, I am not talking about how to store the information. What I mean is after first used the whole java servlet in loaded in the memory, which make it runs faster. Does ActiveX Dll behave the same way ? For example in CGI script, 10 users visit the web site, which mean 10
CGI script are loaded.
There is object pooling in COM+ but I dont think VB components can utilize it because of how they are threaded.  To maintain instances across requests would require an out of process component (ActiveX EXE).
nicolleAuthor Commented:
If I put all of my html code in ActiveX DLL, will it slow ?
If its a high traffic site, it may slow a bit, so I would look at including in the dll only the important code you really need to hide.
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