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Start program before boot time

How do you make a computer start a program  before window loads.What I am wanting to do is like how some computers display there logo ("Like a gateway computer does") before windows starts loading or right before it loads.How is this done ? A simple example would be great or just finger pointing me in the right direction so I can learn more about this.Thank you for your time.

Note, I am on windows 98 sec.  

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How about putting the name of the program (minus the EXE extension) inside the autoexec.bat file and ensure that the autoexec.bat file is in the root folder (directory of the drive you are booting up from).
booooAuthor Commented:
I tryed that but it did not work
can you post the contents of the autoexec.bat that you tried so that I could look at it. Because I really believe it would work and it would be the easiest possible solution to what you are trying to do.
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booooAuthor Commented:
What I get when I try to run it from there is ...
The program can't be run in dos mode
This means that the program you are trying to run is a windows program and in that case, you will not be able to run it before windows starts. You see windows 98 starts off in DOS mode (Real mode) before switching to windows (protected mode). What does your program do, because you may be able to create it as a DOS program in which case it will run.
booooAuthor Commented:
I was trying to simulate something like the Bio OEM logo.I was wanting to create a splash screen after the windows splash screen has pops up and closed and before the desktop loads......Any idea?Thank you for your time.
The splash screen that you describe is put there by firmware (ie BIOS) and to modify anything to do with bios is normally to upgrade it so that your pc can recognise new hardware for example. If anything at all goes wrong with BIOS then you are not able to start your PC at all. I have never come across a method of modifying bios from the user end (and not the factory end)so that it can do as you require. Generally I would advise to leave it well alone.

This brings me back to using a DOS based program to display the splash screen that you wanted. From where I stand it is the only way possible, but let us see what the other guys might say about that.

As proziath said, the energy or any screen (the POST screen to be precise) is somewhere set in the BIOS of the system and I don't have any information that anybosy has tried anything from the users side. As far as the OS logo (eg windows) is concerned, it is nothing but a BMP image which is stored in the system with name as logo.sys. You can search for the file and open it in internet explorer and you will see that image. If you want to change that image, what you can do is open it in any image editor and change it the way you want. The only thing is you can change the dimension and the color depth of that file because these 2 things define the size of the file and the size for this special file is fixed.

Hope it helps.
or replace the logo.sys file with the one you want eg

assuming your picture is called myimage.bmp

rename logo.sys to logo.old
rename myimage.bmp to logo.sys

place the new logo.sys in the same directory as the old one.

The same can be done with the "safe to turn of your computer" logo as well, but i cant remember the filename

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You could put the program in the boot loader.  Look at the code for Lilo or Grub (both standard in most Linux distros).   If you don't mind GPLing your work, the easiest thing to do would be to either modify one of those or to look for the same kind of thing OSS.  

Be very careful with boot code:  If the boot loader crashes it may be very difficult to fix unless you have already planned for it.
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