Ok, Access 2000 and Calendarcontrol


Here is my question, I'm new to databases and handling them.
I like to read out an date filed in a access database, and set in a Calendar monthview the date bold.
So if the date exists set it to bold in the monthview.

The access database has an table with: ID | Event | Date | Location | Description | Category

I do not know how to query a access database so if you could give an example it would be very pleased.

Kind Regards, Joleen
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'Demo about using Ado to retrieve database info
'Please Start VB6.0 application- goto Project - goto Reference - check 'Microsoft ActiveX data Control 2.7 library'
'Also dtpicker inside 'Microsoft Common control 6.0 '

Dim Cnn As ADODB.Connection
Dim Rs As ADODB.Recordset
Private sub form_load()
On error goto ErrFound
Dim DbPath as string
DbPath = "C:\Test.mdb"

Set Cnn = New ADODB.Connection
Cnn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & DbPath & ";User Id=admin;Password=;"

Set Rs = New ADODB.Recordset
Rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient
Rs.Open "Select * from Table1", Cnn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly

if Rs.eof = true then
 msgbox "Empty Recordset,Connection will be Close"
 set rs=  nothing

 set Cnn = nothing
 exit sub
end if

text1.text = rs.fields(0).value & " "
text2.text = rs.fields(1).value & " "

if isnull (rs.fields(2).value) = false then
   dtpicker1.value = rs.fields(2).value
end if

text4.text = rs.fields(3).value & " "
text5.text = rs.fields(4).value & " "

 set rs=  nothing

 set Cnn = nothing
 exit sub
msgbox "Err description : " & Err.Description
if rs.state=adstateOpen Then
  set rs = nothing
end if
if Cnn.state = adstateOpen then
  set Cnn = nothing
end if
end sub
JoleenAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry MYLim,

But you didn't read the question at all.

I can't help but say something here, but...

'I do not know how to query a access database' and this is in a VB newsgroup so I guess MYLim assumed you wanted to query a database in VB. You should probably be more specific if you want something else.
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JoleenAuthor Commented:
Yeah I know, but that is not my main question.

Cheers, Joleen
Do you mean set a date bold in the flyout calendar view on a date picker? AFAIK it can't be done unless you want to develop your own custom control.

JoleenAuthor Commented:
No I Don't, it should be on a MonthView Control, Do you mean that I have to draw it on a form?

Cheers, Joleen
hmmm I can't find a MonthView control and I can't get the Microsoft Calendar Control to work. So sorry, can't help you.
check component : Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0

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OK Thanks MyLim.

use this syntax to set a date bold

MonthView.DayBold(#12/20/2003#) = True

So, using some of Lims code...

Rs.Open "Select YourDateField from Table1", Cnn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly

Do Until Rs.eof

  if IsDate(Rs.fields(0).value) then
    MonthView.DayBold(CDate(rs.fields(0).value)) = True
  end if

set rs=  nothing

This is the basics, what has to be incorporated in here is:

1. The correct name of your MonthView control
2. The correct field and table names
3. Valid MinDate and MaxDate settings
4. A filter on the current month to speed things up, as only one month will can be viewed at a time

If you need any help sorting out those issues, let me know.

Keep in mind that the Bold settings are forgotten when you change the month.

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