Newby question on Dynamic DNS in Windows 2000

I have a test network with one DNS Server/DHCP server and one DHCP windows 2000 client.  

DHCP will give out an Ip address for the Windows 2000 DHCP client however it will not register in DNS.   What do I need to do to get DHCP to notify DNS that it gave out an address for it to resolve ?

I know this is a bit of a newby question for anybody that has ever installed microsoft DNS.
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TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Both of these boxes are brand new and just have the default installs on them
and dns, terminal services.  These boxes do not even have the service packs
on them.  They were setup yesterday.  
Is your DNS set to enable dynamic updates?
Open your DNS console, open your server name, forward lookup, and right click your Domain name. The listing will be on the General tab.
Is the DHCP server set to always update the DNS settings?
2K clients can register themselves. To verify your DHCP is set to register, open your DHCP console,  Right clisk your server, click DNS, and set to always update DNS, and ensure the box is marked to Automatically update DHCP client information in DNS
Good Luck!

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As long as the client machine is configured to point to your dns server, you should have no problem. From the client machine, do an IPCONFIG /ALL and paste results here.
WHere is your DHCP server?
from command line on each DHCP Client:

C:\ipconfig /registerdns

This will manually register the DNS, if you want to go that way.  I actually have computer's on my network with startup scripts to make sure that as soon as they start up they renew their IP's and register with the DNS server.  Increases network traffic a bit, but it's not often that all the stations go down and startup again.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Still working this issue.  This is not dead, I just am a bit after work :)
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Still working this issue.  This is not dead, I just am a bit after work :)
TIMFOX123Author Commented:

You were correct and very informative.  You Rock !!!

Also a side note:  I had to apply service pack to get it to work.

I upped the points a bit for you!   Sorry for sitting on this ( I had to figure out the
service pack thing).   Why does M$ put out so much unfinished stuff ?  Didn't they think that
people would notice that dhcp/dyndns was not working out of the box ?

You do Rock !!


Why, thank you. I appreciate the score and points.
As to your questions about MS, well, I can only assume they feel it more important to get the product on the shelf than to make it work properly and safely out of the box.
On the other hand, if they did, I wouldn't make so much money... (And points!!!) 8-)
TIMFOX123Author Commented:

Guess you are right.  I like unix where you work hard to get it but when you
get it going it stay going.  I know a midsize unix shop and their average
Solaris machine has not been rebooted in over a year.  They are a major
ecommerse website and have 350 employees, three of which are unix admins.
They would never need three unix admins but they are installing several million
dollars of hardware every year and that is where most of the time goes.

Hehe; That's next in line after I get the MCSE; I prefer Linux to the MS product, but everyone owns an MS box, and I gotta keep food on the table SOMEHOW... 8-)
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