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I would like to change the display in the DBGrid.. In the database, I keep a field named DatePay with field type Date. I use DBase as my database type. So, the display of the date will be normally in 1/1/2003 format. Now I want to display this table in the DBGrid, but I want to change the display of DatePay field into: 1 Jan 2003. Is there anyway I can do this? Thankss :)
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  Here's a code that works for me: I set the displayformat property of the table'sdate field to whatever is required.
  Alternatively, I tried setting shortdateformst to  'd mmm yyyy' and that worked too.
  You could set
  ShortDateFormat := 'd mmm yyyy';
in the application's main form's oncreate event.
  Hope that helps,

Alternate code, to set the display format of the table's field:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
   ShortDateFormat := 'dd/mm/yyyy';

//DBGrid shows 1 jan 2003 irrespective of shortdateformat due to:
   (MyTable.FieldByName('MyDate') as TDateTimeField).DisplayFormat := 'd mmm yyyy';

   MyTable.Fields[0].AsDateTime := StrToDate('01/01/2003');
   MyTable.Fields[1].AsString := 'Snehanshu';
   ShortDateFormat := 'yyyy/mm/dd';

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pipinana2002Author Commented:
Hi snehanshu

Thanks a lottttt for your helppp :) It works well.. Hehehehe.. U're very very greatt! :D
  Glad to know I could help. Thank you for the grade and the kind words :-)
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just to say,
there is no need to change the shortdateformat
--> just change the displayformat of the underlying field

meikl ;-)
I was looking at my bookmarks today and read this.
>>just change the displayformat of the underlying field
Can you show me how?

for example (you can also use the dataset directly)
anywhere at startup, maybe in the afteropen-event of the dataset

TDateTimeField(dbgrid1.Datasource.Dataset.FieldByName('YourFieldName')).DisplayFormat := '';

meikl ;-)
to go with the question

TDateTimeField(dbgrid1.Datasource.Dataset.FieldByName('YourFieldName')).DisplayFormat := 'd mmm yyyy';

meikl ;-)
Thanks Meikl!!

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