accessing LDAP directory attributes.

I need to get an attribute from the ldap directory. Is it possible to do this with the @name function in domino 6. What other options do I have.

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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe it can, but I have not tried it. @NameLookup takes as its latter parameter the name of the ite you want to retrieve.  If it is a Notes directory, you give the field Item) name.  If it is LDAP, I would imagine you pass the attribute name, which is the LDAP equivalent.  Not sure how LDAP schemas come into play for this.  Easy enough to try!

You might want to expirment first with better-known attributes that more or less HAVE to be there.
Is this from the Domino Directory (which is also an LDAP directory), or is this from a separate LDAP directory.  If it is a separate LDAP directory, is it configured in Directory Assistance for the Directory Server for whatever client is trying to do the LDAP lookup?
pcorreyaAuthor Commented:
It is Novell's edirectory services. It is configured in the DA.
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You want @NameLookup, with the [EXHAUSTIVE] option.
pcorreyaAuthor Commented:
We have an attribute in the edirectory called company name which i want to get hold. Will this command help.
Sorry if you think this is off-topic, but so long as you were discussing ways to access LDAP (albeit Novell in your case), here's some code to allow accessing of Active Directory LDAP objects:

Include Reference to "Active DS Type Library" in VB or use "Variant" as variable types in LotusScript

Dim adsDSO As ActiveDS.IADsOpenDSObject   ' Directory Service object reference
Dim adsMembers As ActiveDS.IADsContainer   ' Container object in which user objects are accessed
Dim adsUser As ActiveDS.IADs                       ' User object to be manipulated

' Get a reference to the ADSI object we'll use to talk to LDAP
Set adsDSO = GetObject("LDAP:")

' Authenticate and get a reference to the container object
Set adsMembers = adsDSO.OpenDSObject("LDAP://MYSERVER:483/ou=Members, o=Acme", "UserName", "Password", 0&)

' Get a specific user object within the container
Set adsUser = adsMembers.GetObject("SomeClass", "cn=SomeUserName")
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