Broken Pipe Error.

in my program,i am using different pthreads,and trying to connect to some servers ,recivining and sending data,i am getting Broken Pipe error, and program exiting,
some body said,it is problem of writing 2 times in a non connected socket,i am cheking the error at all writing,and if error occurs i am just closing the socket,and exiting,
but still the same problem broken pipe coming,
wat may  be the acutal problem
expecting ur helps
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Hi Hirosh,

Most likely cause is writing to a pipe which has no reader ... this may be because of the fact that you have not yet programmed a thread/process to read from the pipe or that pipe reader might have exited ...
hiroshAuthor Commented:
i am not using the pipe,just using only the socket,connect,recv,send i mean the client parts on pthread
hiroshAuthor Commented:
i think i am getting broken pipe error,when i am trying to send some long data,when i commented that sending long data,it is working i think,but wat the way way to overcome this
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one work around is to fragment data before sending and assemble it at client site

post the code if possible
The kernel will send the SIGPIPE signal when the remote end closes or shuts down the socket and you try to send/write. The default signal handler will terminate your program.

One solution is to ignore the signal using 'signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN)' somewhere at the start of your program. You will get an EPIPE error return when send/write fails due to a broken pipe.

Another less portable solution is to pass the MSG_NOSIGNAL flag to send(). This has the same effect.

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hiroshAuthor Commented:
thanks mtmike ,it is the problem,lots of thanks man
and thanks for sunnycoder too,
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