W2K3 - Server Locks All Apps - Important

For some reason at times my webserver just locks up .... not all apps, just anything associated with an access DB...

Any ideas?

Too many connections at one time cause this sorta behaviour??

bill D
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have u rule out the possiblity of spam attack/virus.
run some virus scan/spyware and adware to see if your system is free of these culprits.
B_DorseyAuthor Commented:
just a quick question ,

I dont use the machine for anything else except a webserver, its got a hardware firewall, and the virus detector comes back empty.

The machine has never seen an email been on the real internet etc... (its a internal localhost for webpages for employees)

Bill D
Rob StoneCommented:
Does it have the latest office sp's?
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which webserver ??
 could u try uo update jdbc driver on your webserver.
B_DorseyAuthor Commented:
Quick question ... can to many outbound (to another server) XML requests cause this?

I have all updates I believe, no updates via 'Windows Update'


Bill D
yes may be.
poorly written code on another server and too many XML request on that server surely can cause this.

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B_DorseyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Shivsa....

Seems to be bad written code on the other end.

Thanks again

Bill D
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