JDBC: how to read CHAR and DATE data

What is the best way to read Oracle's CHAR data? I don't think there is a relevant ResultSet method... Would it be a getString? (If so, is it guaranteed that the string is of length==1?)

Also, when getting a java.sql.Date value, how can I put it in a java.util.Date?

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getString is fine. You can make the String have length one come what may

if (s !=null && s.length() > 1)
    s = s.substring(1);

You can simply cast a sql Date to its supertype (java.util.Date)

java.util.Date d = (java.util.Date)_d;

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s = s.substring(0);

s = s.substring(0, 1);

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or if you just want the "char" value:

char c = s.charAt(0);
>>s = s.substring(0, 1);

Yes - not woken up properly yet ;-)
Same thing I did with JList.add() last night ;-)
Not that it would have done you much good if you *had* got it right - for obvious reasons ;-)
piouAuthor Commented:
My worry about CHAR is implications when reading/writing using international locales. Anyway, by trial and error I guess :)  Thanks.

It's the field in the db you should be concerned about, not Java. You should be able to store stuff in the db as Unicode. Java will handle it thereafter.
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