Using AOL dialup and cable broadband on the same PC

Hi everyone I found out not long ago that if you are using AOL softwarwe it disables some of your settings to use any other provider or connection and my partners computer is on cable and im on AOL dialup!  would I be able to disable something in AOl to use cable broadband with AOL still installed? because i wouldn't want to keep having to keep unistalling and re-installing AOL everyday to use cable
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You can actually use AOL over the cable connection. Start up AOL and on the "connect using" section, select ISP\LAN Connection. Make sure the cable connetion is up and it will connect just fine.

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tazzy_dudeAuthor Commented:
wow I didnt know that... i will try that now and see if it works

Thank you very much!!
tazzy_dudeAuthor Commented:
I tried to connect to AOL software using my cable connection but I had a through problems.... I changed the setting to connect from dialup to tc/ip but when i try to connect it says error your network settings are incorrect.. could you tell me what settings I need to do in the network section?

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tazzy_dudeAuthor Commented:
i meant i changed it to connect to isp/lan! sorry
Did you dial up the cable connection first?
tazzy_dudeAuthor Commented:
1. i unplugged the usb to my modem
2. connected the RJ45 lead to my ethernet adapter
3. started AOL and changed the setting from modem connection to ISP/LAN in the aol connection settings
4. pressed connect.

it tried 10 times and then i got the error message saying your network settings are incorrect.

do you know what this means and can you tell me how to change the settings for connection using my LAN to aol?
There's no need to unplug anything, it will work fine connected to the usb port. Just do the following:

1) reconnect everything as it was
2) dial up your cable connection in the usual way (open internet explorer etc.)
3) connect to AOL using the isp/lan setting
tazzy_dudeAuthor Commented:
I dont dialup a cable connection.. I dialup a 56k phone line connection! but with the broadband that my partner uses its always connected so theres no dialing for that. my 56k modem is a usb one and the cable is ethernet RJ45  so is it still possibelt to use aol through broadband?
Yes, as long as the cable connection is up and running on that machine it should work. Before trying AOL, open up internet explorer and make sure you can get on the internet, then start up AOL.
tazzy_dudeAuthor Commented:
the cable broadband would normally work on this machine but because ive got AOL software on here AOL does something so you cant use cable braodband or another internet provider so I would have to unistall AOL to use the cable then re-install AOL when im not using the cable on the computer but there must be an easier way to do it rather than keep uninstalling and re-installing aol do you understand what i mean?
That sounds strange, I've never had that problem before. When AOL is installed, what functions are unavailable for the cable connection? Exactly how is the cable connection setup? do you have PPPoE dialer software, PPPoA etc.?
A workaround would be to use a cheapo router (personally I'd do that anyway) but there may well be a solution.
uninstall your existing aol. Downl oad the newest version of AOL, through your cable modem, and during installation choose aol for broadband.
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