NAS storage and tape backup.

Well I have received quotations from 3  vendors for a NAS storage and tape backup system. However, the decision to purchase is completely up to me and since the amount (financial) is sizable I'm having a really hard time deciding.

Apart from the cost factor, I am also confused as to which is a better brand - Iomega or Storage Flex.

Here are the specs for the NAS and tape drive:

Vendor 1:

Iomega Tape Drive   VS80 320/640GB EXT SCSI

-VS80 320/640GB 1 drive,
-8 slot, ExternalUltra Wide  SCSI-2 LVD interface,
-1X Data cartridge 1X Cleaning cartridge
-2 X Ultra  Wide SCSI-2 connectors,
-2 X SCSI connector cables,
-1X SCSI terminator, 6X  Power cords,
-Welcome packet with Quick Install Guide,
-User Manual,  Install Guide, and TapeWare
-XE 7.0, 1X Master Server, 1 X Client,
-User Manual,  Install Guide.
U/Price: 17,200 Dhs i.e. US $4674

Iomega NAS Server 400m/1 terabyte
Microsoft Windows Powered OS
Active Directory Support (ADS)
Persistent Storage Manager (PSM)
Storage Resource Manager (SRM)
Discovery and Web Management Utility
Computer Associates® eTrust™ AntiVirus 7.0 for Windows
Veritas Backup Exec 9.0 Live - trial version
Iomega Automatic Backup
Iomega NAS 400m/1TB
Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 2.6GHz
RAID 0, 1, 5
4 x 250GB Hot-Swappable Hard Drives, 7200rpm
Dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
SCSI 160 LVD Connector
1U, 19" Rack Mount with Mounting Bracket
Quick Install Guide
Once Iomega NAS Solutions CD
One Power Cord
USB 1.1
Service & Support: Three year next business day on-site support, limited three year parts and labor, 24x7 telephone support and e-mail with 4 hour response time. Extended Platinum Plus Service available.
Software provided under license

US$ 7745

Vendor 2:

NAS STORAGE 8200      
      Intel Pentium III 1.26 GHz CPU and 512 KB L2 Cache
      512 MB Memory
      Upto 6 x Non Hot Swappable ATA-133 HDDs (Upto 8 with
      Optional Hot Swappable Bays)
      in-built RAID 0, 1 & 5 with RAID Accelerator Hardware
      Chips on-board
      Global Hot Spare Feature
      Upto 2 x Optional Internal IDE CD-RW/DVD+-RW/ATAPI Tape
      Drive with in-built Backup Utility for Full and Incremental
      2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Copper Network
      Ports with Load Balancing, Fail-Over & Link Aggregation
      1 x PCI Slot for Optional SCSI Card for upto 2 x External /  
      Standard Single Power Supply
      RS232C Port for UPS Connectivity
      Embedded SmartSync NAStorage-to-NAStorage Replication
      With 6 x 200 GB 7,200 rpm 8 MB Buffer ATA-133 Non Hot
      Swappable HDDs  
      8 x Hot Swap HDD Bays Mobile Rack

                US$ 8779

Super DLT 110/220 GB 11/22 MB/sec LVD/SE SCSI US$ 3400

Vendor 3:


Storageflex LT RAID 8120i 2 U160 Host Interfaces,
512MB RAID Controller,
8 X 120GB Hot Swap Drives,
2 Hot Swap Power Supplies,
4 Hot Swap Fans,
Tower Configuration upgradeable to Rack Mount Orientation.
Includes 2 External 68 Pin Male to 68 Pin Male 2 Meter Cable.
3 Years Advance Replacement Warranty. [P/N AX08X120GB]


Qualstar  TLS-4212 - 14Slots,
1-2 Drives,
 Bar Code Reader,
 Expandable with 2x TLS AIT-2 LVD Drives

Those are the products/solutions. I personally would go for the products from vendor 3 becasue we already have a maintenance contract with them and hence have some sort of a relationship.

any help ius much appreciated.

Please note that we are in the Middle East hence there may be a 1000-3000 difference in price between US and ME because of freight/taxes/duties etc..

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Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
clinthammer .... from this site's moderators point of view your question is a difficult one. WHY? Because any answer provided here can be considered as good, so no clear "solution" can be provided, only opinions/suggestions. Nobody can question one or other's opinion on a product, anyway...
I read your description and indeed, either product is good if you read the specifications.
We can find "+"ses and "-"ses to any of them, but I think they balance eachother. I'd personally go for a Iomega solution since AFAIK they're the oldest and most experienced of all, and the technical support is good.
   However, I'm sure different opinions will be expressed here, different arguments, alas I just opened the tread here.

Listening .....


Experts-Exchange  - Storage TA Page Editor -
One thing to keep in mind - make sure that whatever NAS solution you choose works with the exact backup software you have.  Many NAS devices require an NDMP client, which is more expensive than a normal client license.

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clinthammerAuthor Commented:
What is an NDMP client?

Also, have kinda dropped the idea of the NAS for now - am looking at a solution called Net Integrator.
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clinthammerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the info. Please close this thread.

clinthammerAuthor Commented:
Damn I explained it but IE once again didn't post. Anyways:

One thing to keep in mind - make sure that whatever NAS solution you choose works with the exact backup software you have.  Many NAS devices require an NDMP client, which is more expensive than a normal client license.

I simply chose his answer because it was the most acceptable. Choose a solution that works with the backup software/solution I have in mind. There is no point buying a NAS server which will require me to perform intense/time consuming tasks just to get it to work with a backup plan. If the NAS server can be configured easily then it should be easily configured with a backup solution - preferable a tape drive.

I gave it a C grade because it was the most acceptable answer - but it was not an A or B grade answer. I was looking for an answer or rather info about the products itself - how good storageflex or iomega is.

If this doesnt help let me know and I will try to explain further.

Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
Well, I don't consider that to be an answer to your question, but if you consider so,  I won't protest, but I have to protest against the grade you awarded durindil.
If you change your mind about the grade please let me know and I'll change it.

best regards

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