Download Free CDE graphical Inteface for Linux Red Hat 8.

Dear All,
       i am working on a Linux Red Hat 8 machine , and i want to work on the CDE [Common DeskTop Environment] for Unix Systems, i found one but not free (DexTop Software),
but may any one know about a free download or replacement - just URL for free downloading.
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Um, KDE started life as a "CDE replacement" sort of... I know of no true CDE replacement though (Motif is another story, there you have both lesstif and openmotif).

-- Glenn
FVWM2 has a theme that mimics CDE, but as Glenn says Linux doesn't truly have CDE.  Use KDE or Gnome.  I am sure you will be happy with those environments.  They are more user oriented.

Why do you need CDE?  Most programs should run in standard X windows environments without CDE.  Is there some special DT session profile that you need to import?

not FVWM2, but more of MWM from LessTif or OpenMotif.
If you do not have any special DT session, KDE and GNOME are skinnable to resemble look of CDE, including clutterbars and dark-gray pictures.
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Oh yes... And xfce tries (desperately:-) to look a lot like CDE too (albeit a "low Cholesterol incarnation":-).

Um, most of the above suggestions are part of your distribution... Do you still need a download reference?

-- Glenn
wemyAuthor Commented:
Dear Gns,
   i am trying to use the CDE not to disturb my self but just because CDE is the Standared graphical Interface for all Unix systems, thats mean that when i am try to work as example on AIX machine or sun or any other unix machine, so i can write in my C.V that i can work with ALL UNIX Machines, but because that Linux is the easier example for the unix systems and i had used it before, and i know that there is a plugin or interface package for the CDE on Linux Red hat, i used linux,
that means also that i used Linux to work on the CDE not for eyes of linux red hat either i will search for any other simple OS use CDE Interface.
that is all.
thanks for your nice comment Mr/Ms Gns
wemyAuthor Commented:
dear all,
    i know that there are different simulators for the CDE on Linux Red hat through KDE or Gnome but i need to work on the real CDE even that KDE is more interactive.
We are well aware of what CDE is... And don't be fooled, it's not as ubiquitous as one might think in the unix world (common, but not all-encompassing). Actually, most unices will run fine with KDE or Gnome (I've got KDE 3.0 on my new AIX boxes:-). What has become more or less ubiquitous though is the older Motif library/environment, so being proficient in this is perhaps a good idea (handling/programming etc).

The window manager/desktops available for free are mostly the same for all the freenices (freebsd ...) and linuces. You might look into Solaris for intel, which probably has their incarnation of CDE included.

-- Glenn

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Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
As CDE ist licensed (!) software (developed under OSF/Motif license) you will not find it for free!
Another option may be installing Sun Solaris 9 (x86) on your PC, either native or inside of VMware. It comes with CDE (and Gnome 2.x). You can download the software (CD images) from Sun's site at 
Sun once bought all rights for Motif from OSF some time ago and therefore is able to give CDE to their customers / users at will.

Thanks for the confirmation on Solaris for intel JustUNIX.

-- Glenn
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