"WINgs" application gets Divide By Zero error ... Borland Database?

Hello.  Client of mine has old Win98 pc, gets new XP Pro System.  Transfered data into an "oldc" directory and installed apps.  All's well except an application called WINgs by a defunct company named Gunold Technology.  (It's version if that means anything)  Anywho it's an app based on a Borland Database I believe, from what I could tell by the utilities it installed.  When I fire up said App, i get the following error - System Error, Divide By Zero or Overflow Error.  Any help would be very appreciated.
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Are you sure it's a Borland database?
Old FoxPro v2.5 and 2.6 applications would give that error message at startup on machines faster than a Pentium.
The way you would be able to tell is by looking for a file like foxd2500.esl or foxw2600.esl
I can't remember the name exactly, but the w indicates Windows, and the d indicates DOS, while the 25 or 26 is the major version.

There was a patch available to fix this:
pagefigaroAuthor Commented:
The only reason I say it's a Borland DB is that the utilities that the software installed were borland utils.  And, yeah, I found all the stuff online about the Foxpro errors, but there were no foxpro files of any sort... (seached for anything fox, fp, etc... nothing), so I'm assuming it's a speed problem, like the foxpro error, but with Borland??
Here's an interesting link if it's Borland Pascal:
It looks like you may even be able to patch the application without having to recompile the source.

The link above cites additional info available here:

What is the extension associated with the data files?
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pagefigaroAuthor Commented:
OK... in the WIngs Program group.. there's a "BDE Repair Utility"  which opens up a program "Borland TUtility (32-bit)

In the Database folder in the c:\WIngs\ directory it contains:
Ah! That's Paradox. OK let me see what I can find.
I'm not seeing much on a Divide by Zero associated with Borland Paradox applications except with reports on version 9 running under Win2k SP2.  

The error related to Borland Pascal and Divide by Zero mentioned the problem really being in the crt.asm file.  Is this a DOS application?  If so, it could be that the version of Paradox you have installed was compiled with this same library.

Other than that, I'm afraid that I can't think of anything else.  If you decide to abandon the application, you should be able to at least get the data into something like Access via ODBC.
Sounds good to me
pagefigaroAuthor Commented:
sounds good
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