Laptop LCD cracked

I'm looking for laptop parts resources on the Internet.

My wife stepped on her laptop; the LCD screen is cracked and the keyboard isn't responding.  But it's still logged onto our network and the mouse still responds, and you can view the left half of the screen.  I can also access its hard drive via the network.

I just upgraded her memory and hard drive, so I'd like to salvage those.  We are short on cash, so I'm trying to be cheap.  What would be ideal is buying a cheap laptop that close to the model we already have.  It's an Acer TravelMate 734TL Pentium III 750MHz.

Another short term option is effictively making this laptop into a desktop by plugging in a montor and keyboard.  I've already plugged a monitor and keyboard in, but they're not responding.  The keyboard will probably be recognized on boot, but I can't take that chance because if it's not, I wont be able to log in.  The montor is a different problem: there's a special function key on the laptop to switch to monitor.  I don't know if it will switch to monitor on boot if it recognizes one.

So basically, I've got a lot of laptop questions and would like to find a Web site with a forum for this sort of problem, smash laptops that is.


-=- cpopin
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Probably the keyboard connector came loose, you should be able to lift up the keyboard and check the connector. But you'll have to shut the computer down for that. You might want to get the data of first. You said you can still access the drive, so I suggest you backup those files first (don't forget the mailbox!!) After you've done this, shut down the laptop, check the keyboard connector. And attach another monitor. Boot up and press the keyboard combination for switching monitors (should be something like FN+0)

Hope this helps,


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You might want to find a parts laptop with a good LCD (ebay, etc).
An external keyboard may work in it's present condition so you can get your data off.
On the external keyboard try the SCROLL-LOCK key and the appropriate function key to switch display modes.

Gyration provides a USB controller for a wireless keyboard and mouse, so you might be able to use one in place of your keyboard and mouse.  Staples sells these at their stores.  A USB device doesn't require your laptop to be rebooted.

You can also get an adapter that will allow you to fit a laptop 2.5-inch drive to a standard IDE connector, or use an external USB housing that accepts laptop drives to access the data after plugging it into a desktop.
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Why dont u plan on getting a new laptop??
The reparing cost will be a surprise amount. :)
>The reparing cost will be a surprise amount. :)
I picked us an M700 with a dead mobo and no drives and fixed mine (which had a cracked LCD) for $100

surprising indeed
cpopinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.


>> I picked us an M700 with a dead mobo...
What is an M700 and a mobo?

Unfortunately, eBay is short on this model.  I even checked completed auctions.  The closest I got was an Acer 720 series PII, not a PIII.  I think it would work, but for $500 Canadian ($350 US), I'm not willing to risk it.

But I'll try that SCROLL-LOCK key combination for sure.


>>A USB device doesn't require your laptop to be rebooted.
Not always...but...

>>You can also get an adapter that will allow you to fit a laptop 2.5-inch drive to a standard IDE connector, or use an external USB housing that accepts laptop drives to access the data after plugging it into a desktop.

That could be an option.


>> Why dont u plan on getting a new laptop??

Because my wife still has feet...just kidding.
No, we're going through a tough time finacially, and I just upgraded this laptop's memory and hard drive.

I work on cars as well as computers, and I know where to find spare parts in a junk yard.  I just wish I could find a laptop junk yard.

cpopinAuthor Commented:
Well, the keyboard works and half of the LCD screen, so I connected it to my HDTV and wireless keyboard mouse via USB and that's how it's working now.

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cpopinAuthor Commented:
Of course, if you know of anyone with a 15" LCD screen they want to sell cheap, I'll give you commission!

(Yes, that was a salesman joke).
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