I just set up my home network and I need some help i order to have a router and a firewall up and running.

I will describe in detail how this simple network has been setup.

1. I have three computers. One is running redhat 9 and the other 2 are running windows XP.
2. I have a HUB.
3. The computer using LINUX has 2 ethernet cards.

I get my ip address dynamicaly, but usually it is always the same, and that is not a big deal at this point.

How it works?

Well, the internet cable comes from my ISP provider and it is pluged in the HUB. From this HUB I have three extension, one goes to the LINUX box, the other to the windows computer and so does the third one.

* What do I want to do ?
Simple, in stead of having the internet cable going directly into the HUB, I want to plug this cable into one of my ethernet cards in my LINUX machine.

Once thi is done, then I will take another cable and plug onw side of it into the other ethernet card in my linux machine, and the other site will go into the HUB. From this HUB the two computers running windows will be plugged as it is now.

This means that my KINUX machines is going to be my firewall and my router, but I do not know how to do this.

Please refer me to a good tutorial or tell me how to do this, but please don't be smart and say something like "Bridges is what you want".

I hope you can help me setting up my home network, having LINUX as the main firewall and router.

Thank you.
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I have mine setup exactly the same as you have described as you want to do.

First are you going to use your linux machine as a standalone gateway? or are you going to use it to browse also?  That is an issue with my setup.  In my case, I can only use my Linux box as a gateway, and I can use it at its console to do things on the net, but not with all the pretty logos and banners you'd see using x windows or a windows browser.   If youre still interested, Here is the system that you are wanting to build.  It is based on Redhat Linux 9.0 and I've been using it for about 2.5 years.  Browse this and see what you think:

I think you'll be severely pleased by what it can do, and also I run a PhP nuke site on my box and an email server.  Download the software and do a clean install, you'll be up and running within an hour, depending on the speed of the installation.  I ran this software on a pentium II  200mhz with 80 mb ram until a month ago and upgraded to a 533mhz with 128mb ram.  You be the judge.  

I have DSL and my modem is plugged into one nic on my box and my other nic is plugged into my 16 port network switch.  I have previously had 25 machines on my lan at once and the possibilities are unlimited.  Gotta love it.

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P.S. I forgot to add, the software is free!
probineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, I will give a try.

Can you tell me if I can configure everything in that program ?  

i want to know exactly what I am doing and how it is done, besides I do not want to use the X interface, I only want to use the shell.

My linux machine is a 466 Mhz. - 256 RAM. - 12 Gb Hard disk.

I am already in a LAN, but I want to have my own LAN inside the ther one, that means that my LINUX box is going to be a gateway.

My hub has 16 ports. Ones of them is of course the main onewhere I will plug the cable comming from my LINUX machine.

probineAuthor Commented:
I have try it, but I did not put a lot of time in it.

The main reazon for not investing time in clarconnect is that it did not really allow me to have control of all those features. It was easy to install, but that was it.

I really want to have control of users, email, etc...

I will try to implement this network using REDHAT 9. I think I could control users, FTP access, e-mail and so on as I want.

If you can still help me I will be very thankful.

Does anyone have a good tutotiral or know some code for it ?
I assume you have already implemented it into your network.. and you haven't had any problems with it, as I didn't think you would.  You can configure individual users' accounts like FTP, Email, Shared Samba folders, login, and so on.  I'm sure you're a savvy user at it by now.
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