Domino 6.5 Crash due to attachments processed by router.

I had an email hit my server Friday that crashed my server.  Every time i brought it back up it would almost instantaneously crash.  Didn't know what was causing it at first, but deleting the before restarting solved the problem until it crashed an hour later. I finally tracked it down after I saw that they had resent a message!
The NSD yielded :
Panic: Lookuphandle not allocated.

The attachment has a .jpg and 2 .pdf files.  I cannot reproduce this on a 6.0 server.  

Very frustrated that any mail message would take the server down!
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistAsked:
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The reasons could be vague here..

Try disabling the antivirus and see if this behaviour reappears.

Since you say this was not occuring in 6.0.. is that with the same kind of attachments/message ?

If you feel 6.0 was working great then look for 6.5 patches on lotus site and apply or revert the whole setup to 6.0x

Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistAuthor Commented:
First thing I did was uninstall a/v.  just diabling it doesnt sut off the device filters in the kernel.

The 6.0 is a separate install (test bed), just said i couldn't get 6.0 to crash.  There is no patch for 6.5, and this install was from 4.6.7a to 6.5. I dont want to take it back to 4.6.7a at all, and migrating to an older version of 6 is not attractive.

Going to set up a direct restore of the 6.5 server on another test server and see which attachment caused it.  Just wanted to see if anyone had any similar experience before I do all that setup.

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Did you find any msgs in log.nsf related to this crash ?
One more.. Is this mail internal or external ?
What OS ?

Partitioned server ?

Also can you find when the crash occurs.. like what is the last line on console before crash (i.e recorded in log.nsf)
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistAuthor Commented:
SMTP mail
not partitioned

There is nothing in any of the log .nsf files that  have anything to do with the SMTP message that is the cause.  It seems the instant that nrouter.exe accesses that message it crashes.  It just throws up the panic. the last line can be anything... never the same because it doesnt even get to log what it was doing to crash.  Since I renamed the and restarted ( the final time after figuring out the culprit) I processed all the other messages from the renamed and it has been up and running fine since.

I am restoring to the test server now... hopefully i will find something there.
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistAuthor Commented:

Here is the skinny

There were 2 messages (from the same sender) with multiple attachments

some of the attachments were pdf files

Some (not all) of the PDF files were corrupted.

But it must be these files that are at fault because the message passes though fine without them and crashes with them in the message.  

6.5 is so unstable that it cant deal with a corrupted attachment.  I was under the opinion from Lotus that 6.5 was as stable as 6.0.3.  I guess thats what I get for taking IBM at face value.

If there is a fix for this or a workaround or something I am missing I am happy to award the pts.  but otherwise I am going to request this question be cancelled tomorrow.


Yeah.. there was similar problem reported here in EE.. He/She also complained about corrupted attachments.. not sure about the version nor fix.. feel free to delete it

Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot  to wipe this out... The ANSWER IS.....


Good new is lotus patched it for us!  Should be distributed in 6.5.2 i would guess.
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