Linux Wireless Access Point

I'm trying to setup my Slackware Linux Computer as a wireless access point. I have installed the access point software and test it with my pocket PC. The Pocket PC will only find it if the wireless card is set at Ad-Hoc mode. rather then Master. I have also install the bridging sofftware too. I can't seem to get this thing running. I am open to suggestions.
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
This is how I start my AP:

      /usr/sbin/brctl addbr br0
      /usr/sbin/brctl addif br0 eth0
      /usr/sbin/brctl addif br0 wlan0
      /sbin/ifconfig eth0
      /sbin/ifconfig wlan0
      /sbin/ifconfig br0 up
      /usr/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 master
      /usr/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 essid MyESSID
      /usr/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 key s:PASSWORD
      /usr/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 channel 11

      /usr/sbin/iwpriv wlan0 maccmd 1
      /usr/sbin/iwpriv wlan0 addmac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
      /usr/sbin/iwpriv wlan0 addmac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
      /usr/sbin/iwpriv wlan0 addmac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Albert1809Author Commented:
I still can't get my Pocket PC to work while the Linux wireless card is set at Master mode. When I do have it at Ad-hoc mode i'm able to ping the wireless card  from the Pocket PC and ping from the Pocket PC to the wireless card.
Albert1809Author Commented:
BTW when the AP is in Master mode my Pocket PC refuses to 'pick up' the signal.
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Do you have he correct essid on both sides?
Albert1809Author Commented:
I manually entered in into my Pocket PC, but my Pocket PC won't even pickp a signal in master mode.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I had the same problem on a laptop: It did not display a signal at all until I corrected the essid.
Albert1809Author Commented:
Thanx for the quick response.  I entered the ESSID into the client (pda)... No luck yet.  But while looking through the syslog i found an error that said something about firmware 1.4.2  ... Now... I dont know how to check if the firmware on my wireless PCI card is version 1.4.2 .

If anyone knows how please specify.  I suspect that -that's causing the problem.  (hostap website says that hostap doesn't work right with v. 1.4.2)  

One more thing, please let me know which firmware version you're using.  Thank you :)
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Here is the output of hostap_diag:

# ./hostap_diag wlan0
Host AP driver diagnostics information for 'wlan0'

NICID: id=0x8013 v1.0.0 (PRISM II (2.5) Mini-PCI (SST parallel flash))
PRIID: id=0x0015 v1.0.7
STAID: id=0x001f v1.3.6 (station firmware)

So it's 1.3.6. I never checked this, and I did not know that it's that old ... But it works.

You can find information about firmware flashing at this web page:
Keep in mind that this is dangerous stuff! It can ruin your card.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Oh, and just in case you have not figured this out yet from my comment, the command hostap_diag <device> prints the firmware version in the last line. Sorry for not explicitely mentioning this.

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