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I recently got a new computer. I am not going to list the specs but trust me their good, to give an overall estimate in $, the cost was $2500

The problem is that when I go to play online games such as Savage, Battlefield 1942, Dungeon Siege, and Diablo 2 the server either lags, disconnects, and crashes. I have narrowed it down to the internet connection.

What I need help with is fixing this problem. On my old computer it did not do this at all. I have networked the computers and don't know if I messed up on installing something. If u could help me out that would be great. Thanx.
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Since you are running wireless, the connection may be weak at times....and if you have devices or walls or big objects such as a bookshelf or refrigerator nearby it can kill or weaken your signal.  Also Cellular fones and radios as well as cordless fones running on 2.4ghz or any electronics on 2.4ghz may cause interference...and so may be the cause of your internet cutting in and out or being slow and or lagging at times...Try plugging in and not using wireless?
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Well...lets hear the specs....and what kind of stuff you got....what Operating system are you running....and what kind of error messages you receive on some of these games.......
Can't really help you much without more information.  Other than reload your system....or check your drivers and update them.  video card drivers is probably the important one there.  Also run the latest patches and updates for your games as well...

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Oh and BTW $2500, doesn't mean anything...Just means you spent a lot of money.  But where the money is spent is the important part.  $2500 on a system that includes like a plasma Monitor that cost $2000 and $500 on a system means squat...just means you spent the money to get a good monitor but a cheap unless you list the parts here....I can only assume.....
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You say you have narrowed it down to the internet connection. Please explain how and why you have reached that conclusion.
video drivers are good to consider but all i can say is your internet connection fails. Try to do this restart your computer go to msdos prompt and type / flush dns and try what you have to do.
Kiel_ComAuthor Commented:

Motherboard : ASUS P4P800

CPU : 2.6 P4 800FSB HT

RAM : 256MB 400Mhz FSB DDR RAM ( 2*256=512MB )

Graphic Card : FX 5900 nVidia GeForce FX

Floppy Drive : 1.44 Black Floppy Drive

Hard Drive 120GB 7200 RPM 2MB Cache Ultra ATA 133

DVD/CDRW : 16x DVD 48x24x48x CDRW

Speakers : Logitech Z-640, 5.1 surround, 6 piece, 140 Watt AMP

Mouse : Logitech Black Optical

Keyboard : Black Standard Keyboard

Case and Power Supply : 17" 300 Watt 999 Silver Tower Case

Monitor :19" Black Flat CRT .25 Dot 1280x1024

OS : Windows XP Pro
Networking : SMC 2802W-CA 54Mbps Wireless PCI Card
                   SMC 802.11G 4port Router, Wireless 54MB

The reason why I think the internet is the cause of the problem, is because when I play single player, the game runs smooth and looks and runs great. I go online, and i ll be playing for some time, and then it starts to lag, then after 1min or something like that after it starts to lag, i get either kicked out or disconnected from the server.

Please help. Half my Games are online, and the majority of the games that are starting to come out are online, if u could help me out that would be great. Thanx alot.
Kiel_ComAuthor Commented:
One more thing :

I am having trouble networking my two computers. One computer ( the new one ) is for some reason able to have internet, but the computer upstairs ( the old one ) isn't connecting. I have followed the manual exactly, everything worked, it said everything was OK. but then when i went upstairs to go on the internet, it doesn't connect. Can u help me out on this as well. Plus, do any of u have Shaw. Because I can't get my email set up. I could easily call the support line, but i thoght i could ask ya first. Thanx.
Kiel_ComAuthor Commented:
Will a wired router really do the trick? I was just on the SMC Support site, and the top seller for the Wired Router and the top seller for the Wireless Router ( the one I have ) are almost identical in specs.

Personally, what I think the problem is is the firewall.

The only thing, I do not know how to disable it.

So if u could help me out that would be great. And don't worry about the Shaw email, I phoned Shaw and got it working.

Thanx alot.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Well....if it was indeed the firewall to begin with you connection for your games would be bad to start off with.  And if your setup is the same (as far as SMC router/Firewalls) for your network as it was with the old setup, then it is something else.  Plus you mention this:
"I go online, and i ll be playing for some time, and then it starts to lag, then after 1min or something like that after it starts to lag, i get either kicked out or disconnected from the server."

You say after a minute or two, it would get bad.  Well that is highly strange.  If it was the firewall.  If the firewall was supposed to block the game or the ports for those games it should do it from the start, and not after a minute or so of play.  I still say try hardwireing it.  If you have the capabilities to try it....see what happens.  It also could be the network card (wireless) is failing you.  How many machines are on this network?

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
You have the SMC 4 port wireless router, so you should be able to hook it up direct.
Kiel_ComAuthor Commented:
I think I have already hooked it up directly, as well, as I have changed my network card to a wired one. So I really do not know why it does this. Is there anything you know of that I can do to my router that u can think of that may fix this problem.

Please help. Thank you.

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented: other thing to narrow it down if it is a router problem or system problem or network problem or modem problem....since you "think" you've tried wiring direct and get the same results, then disconnect the router from the modem.  Connect the computer direct to the modem.  If you get better/great performance, then yes it may be the router.  maybe it is faulty.  Or MAYBE you have some incorrect setting, but that would be too odd if it works fine for a few minutes then changes all of a sudden.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Just think about it....If a firewall only works after a few minutes of use, then what good is it....your ports or whatever are open for that long.  Which is long enuff to steal a file or two or cause damage and even disable the firewall completely.

Kiel_ComAuthor Commented:
I have connected my computer directly to the modem, and guess what?

It worked perfectly!

But that doesn't solve the problem.....

I want my two computer's to be networked.

I re-networked them, and it did the same thing.....lagging, disconnecting.....

I know now that it is not the firewall, because when I went into the settings of my router, the firewall is disabled.

So what I think it is is I have a setting set up incorrectly, the problem is I have no clue of what any of the settings are:

If you could tell me some things to look for when checking my router's settings, then that would be great.

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