Modeling tool for FireBird

Hi, Folks!

I would like to know some good(free) tools for modeling compatible with FireBird.


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kacorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:

so I can't add more just the following arguments:
- this is one of the cheapest on the market (~ 1/6 of the most expensive one)
- handles up to 30 SQL-based database version (oracle, interbase, etc)
- you can convert from/to the diverse database types and typedepending!!!
- has fast all services as the most expensiv
- you can customize to your needs (extra functions by self developped scripts, selectable languages...)
- metadata generating from database modell
- easy to use

of course every buying costs money but this you have to know - you have to control your budget :-)

I looked for freeware tools for IB but  I didn't find a stable usable tool like this. I've tested it for a long time and I feel this is a good choice

thanks for reading my ideas

with best regards

hi hederglan,

try which has a trial version

hederglanAuthor Commented:

I saw the link about caseStudio...
It's good, but it has a big restriction: it cannot create more than six entities...and I have to manage big databases...
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Eeh you want to manage big databases with free tool....
One way - tightly integrated sollution - try (trial version may be include the database designer - it is a good tool to help you with modifying database and manage relations)
Second way - database independant tool - I have used Emarcadero ERStudio - its support for Interbase/Firebird is limited but CASE functions are lot so I have used to live with it (in my previous company). I have heard from many people that PowerDesigner is good to manage Firebird but have'nt tried it myself.

Bojidar Alexandrov
Hi Hederglan,

there is a free modelling plugin for eclipse - Clay Database Plugin. is the link. It's written in Java - so you also have to fetch jaybird.

It handles my Database (240 Tables) - but it crashes when there are to many data in one table.

CU Stummel
hederglanAuthor Commented:
Hi again!

Thank you all for answer my question...
My boss gave authorization to buy ERWIN...It's the better way...We can't avoid to spend money when the subject is the quality of the development tools...

Thanks for the atention!



PS: I've accepted the kacor's answer because he gave more arguments to his ideas...
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