The frameset that ate itself

Hi Guys

This is a weid one

I am using a frameset
The left hand frame is from a page containing an Outline

When a user is in a view and then collapses the views section and then reopens it, it opens but I loose the view selector at the top of the frame, if the repeat ,then the next one disappears etc..

Holidays <Header Collapsible

Holiday\Holiday1 <Views

Any help Welcome

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I think you are talking about the highligh bar in view .. right ?

So once you collapse it loses the highlight and where does it go ? test it with cursor arrows !

If you want you can expand the view contents autmatically by unchecking Collapse All when db is first opened option in the view

Let me know what is the frame option for the view content


adspmoAuthor Commented:
No it actually removes the in selectors or buttons from the top down

Each time you do it

The uppermost view section disappears

What do you mean frame option
Where will I find that
can u send the db .. I couldn't visualize it

Also what is your notes version ?
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adspmoAuthor Commented:
I am using 5.0.11 ANd yes I will send you a copy


Is his teh same DB you sent me for the earlier question?  Which view exhibits this behavior?  Please give exact steps to reproduce.
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Yes it is and I included instructions

Which view? All views? Collpase via keyboard? Menu? Context smartIcon?
I get it now.  It isn't the view that is bhaving oddly.  It is the outline.
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Any ways with the view problem

Click on Holidays\Global example, the view opens
Now Click on Holiday to collapse the view
Reclick on holiday to Open collapsed section
The top view et all disappear

This is done with a mouse
OK, really odd.  I duplicated the issue a few times.  And now  can't anymore.  I can collapse and expand the HOLIDAYS heading as many times as I want now.
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Make sure you click on a view again when you open it
OK, it only does that if you are in one of those last three views.  Ver odd, and I don't know.  I would probably rebuild the outline from scratch, and rebuild the page from scratch.
BTW, james, I need to know your secret.  You don't seem to have any trouble jumping from one contract to the next.  I seem to keep having dry spells, or at best, very small projects.
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Come on up to Canada
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Oh and a lot of Prayer

Horseshoes up my arse etc...
adspmoAuthor Commented:
I recreated the outline and the page

same ****
Would that I could, but I've got a family here, we're pretty well rooted.  The latter bit sounds painful, and find I make a bad impression when I leave big red stains on the chair after an interview.

Really weird with your issue here -- lyrically named question, I like it, but I'm stumped.  If you IM me tomorrow, I will try to remember to ask a friend who is also an all-stops-pulled Notes guru about this.  AIM ID is same as EE ID.
what is happening here?

I can't understand intiator problem. Can anyone throw light on this who are looking into the problem?

adspmoAuthor Commented:
What is AIM??
AOL Instant Messenger !
James.. I found the problem

The problem is with your hidden formula for admin entries.. If you remove it and re-embed the outline..they work fine !

I would ask you to split the outline into two one for normal user and other only admin users (no hide-whens).. embed this into the page and apply hide-when to admin outline only

adspmoAuthor Commented:
Hi there

I have two outlines, I have user roles ,How do I display the the correct navigator outline so that if you have Admin role you see that correct outline, else the user outline

adspmoAuthor Commented:
Lets solve this

Goto Hide-when tab of the embedded outline and paste the formula

For Admin outline

@isNotMember( "[Admin]"; @UserRoles)

For normal outline

@isMember( "[Admin]"; @UserRoles)
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Do I paste both outlines on the page or different pages

Several ways.

I would suggest to include two outlines onto a single page and set hide whens approp.

adspmoAuthor Commented:
I recreated an outline and have the same problem

I will try again
If that is the case then try this

1. Create two different pages with normal and admin outlines resp
2. Now in the frameset (left) where you show the menu.. Click on @ symbol on the property page to calculate what to be shown in the frame
3. Enter this formula @IF( @isMember( "[Admin]"; @UserRoles); "AdminPage"; "NormalPage")
4. Save and re-try

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