Suggestions for dynamic online stores?

I'm looking to delve into the "online storefront" for my business, but need to get a storefront created!

My question is:  What is a high-quality program/website at low-to-no cost for creating dynamic websites for online storefronts?

Capabilities needed:
-shopping cart (but using PayPal as the financial end of it!)
-dynamic page creation
-online access (as opposed to desktop program integrating to the webserver)
-billing integration is a PLUS

Any and all suggestions are welcomed, and I'd like to keep things on my own webserver if possible (not a Yahoo! store, etc)

Thanks for your assistance!
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quasinick -

>What is a high-quality program/website at low-to-no cost for creating dynamic websites for online storefronts?

There is one open source (free) solution by which all the others are judged and that is osCommerce 

It has 1,000s of users and a outstanding user/support community here

May your on-line store prosper....

- duz


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If you need ASP, check out: - otherwise, use the oscommerce one.  Most can connect to Paypal because you are just passing a value over to them.  You could even check out Paypals e-commerce cart.  

I think I can tell you that I have another ASP cart as well so if you want that one let me know.  That is if you can run ASP / MSAccess DB

Have to agree with duz, I have not found a better open source cart than oscommerce. Only problems with it is a lot of the mods are hit and miss as far as documentation. If you are wanting to modify it from the basic install I would really suggest you have an understanding of PHP and MySQL or it will turn into a nightmare fast.

Not a free cart but probably my second favorite is Miva ( ). Although it is not fre, you can get it included for free with a lot of hosting packages. I have used it in the past and it does the job and for me the learning curve was fast. Only problems I had was with some of the bulk uploads but I am sure a lot of those issues have been ironed out. I know the OLM offers it with their hosting packages:

Also a search on Google for free miva hosting ( ) or something simular will bring up other hosts.

Some other free carts you may want to checkout is:


Interchange shopping cart

I have never been found of these last two but thought they would give you some additional options to look at.

Best of luck on your search.

So hows your business doing not online? are you going online so current customers can take advantage of your product or services? dynamic content is for when the customer lands on your site you can present to them want they are looking for within the first page. Because if they have to search .... some people just get confused and will leave the site..
At low cost, you will have to shop around for that. I designed, developed, and implemented my own. It dont get no lower then that..

when looking for a cart, or someone to design it. An 'Appealing' website is only that (appealing), but  'Functionality' is the key.
The carts mentioned above are alright.... depends on how many products you are selling. impossible to enter items one by one.. and some of those free carts allow only the free options. Spend a little money and you get more options. With the use of dynamic pages, you please the psychological decision process of your customer.

good luck.
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