Best tool to check Exchange for new messages?

I know there are a lot of tools out there that run in the systray and check the exchange server for new mail without having to have Outlook open.

However, as I have looked through many lists of these programs I just can't tell which sounds like the best.

I wanted to get the opinions of users on which program they think is the best for doing this.

All I want is a simple program that runs in the systray and simply alerts me when I have a new message I need to check. I can then open Outlook and see what it is. I don't need all the fancy features of how many are in the inbox, spam filtering, delete options, preview, etc. I just want the best simple software to notify me that I've got new mail waiting. I don't want to have Outlook open all the time eating away resources.

Since this is kind of an opinion thing, I will be awarding the points to the first person the suggests the tool I end up using.
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OWA has that feature and you dont have to buy it. It is free and minimizing IE browser dont take up much of process.
Whether in the tray or in the taskbar, it's still using resources. Thus it never has bothered me. and I just leave Outlook running, but:

OverSurgeAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify. I have seen the trick to making Outlook run in the systray and not taskbar, but I don't want Outlook running at all. I want a very small program that is using very little resources that has the capability of checking our Exchange Server for new mail on a particular account. I don't know if this is possible, but it's what I'm looking for. I run a lot of development and graphic software that require a lot of resources. I just don't feel like letting Outlook share :)
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To minimize it to the system tray, start Regedit and follow the steps below:

Open the registry editor and go to


Create a new value with the name of


Data Type: REG_DWORD

Give it a value of 1 (0 to disable MinToTray).

Restart Outlook.

OverSurgeAuthor Commented:
oh also.. meant to mention that I have been to the slipstick list of softwares like this. I am looking for opinions on the best one for my want.
That's the trick... that you don't want. Just an FYI
Have you compared the memory usage of Outlook to say Internet Explorer or Word? I think you'll be surprised. Outlook isn't the hog that it once was... especially when minimized to the tray via the hack above.

Interesting to note: The hack above is the default for Outlook 2003.

Sorry, don't mean to dis-value your question... just some observations/notes. That's all I have, good luck.

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OverSurgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jason. I recently upgraded to a new version of Dreamweaver and Photoshop which of course HOG resources. Not to mention other development tools (Visual Studio .net) that I always need running and as you mentioned multiple browser windows. I have been experiencing a delay moving between programs and browsers during development. I have put in for a memory upgrade with the company but you know how that goes. I was looking for ways to conserve on resources by only leaving open the programs I absolutely needed at the time. I had always known Outlook to be a resource hog and haven't looked at how little it does use today in the newer versions when minimized. When I went to Task Manager and saw what you were talking about I was indeed impressed. It was using very little resources minimized. I have decided any other software probably isn't going to save me that much and will just be something else running and installed. I will have to conserve resources elseware.

Points to you for answer. I do recognize that sometimes that answers aren't what we are looking for.
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