K7S5A Pro - can't boot with 133 / 133

Hello, i've got a problem a lot of people got, but i still couldn't find a solution, i can't boot my system when the cpu frequency is 133, any ideas what could help? couldn't find any help on the official elitegroup homepage

any help is really appreciated

thanks in advance
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If your cpu can work with 133 MHz clock, you probably have a bad board. This is common with the K7S5A. ECS does not offer support to end users. Take the board back if you can, and exchange it.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
First, which cpu are you trying to use?  More information will help us help you.  If you're trying to overclock a 100MHz cpu, it's not likely to work in this board.

Like public mentioned, it should work if you truly have a 133MHz capable cpu, BUT you will also probably need 133MHz RAM too though, so both your RAM and CPU need to be 133MHz for this to work.

If you're trying to use 100MHz Memory (PC1600DDR or PC100 SDRAM) then you'll be out of luck.  You must make sure both the memory and cpu are set to (and capable of running)  133Mhz.

You can try also changing memory timing settings, or setting it to the failsafe system settings and then setting you memory/cpu back to 133 and seeing if that works.

If the RAM you have is supposed to be 133MHz, try another stick/module just in case it's not functioning at the required speed.

Failing that, it is likely you have either a bad board, or a bad cpu.  Considering the quality of the ECS boards, your motherboard is a more likely culprit than the cpu.
beda79Author Commented:
hey guys, sorry, i totally forgot, i got an athlon xp +2200, when i run it with 100 mhz it's detected as +1500, i got another ecs board (k7s5a pro), and it still doesn't work, it's a known issue and i've seen a lot of people complaining but no answers from users who had the same problem and solved it
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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
First . . .     try using something OTHER than an ECS board.  Seriously, they're crap.  (no offense to you, it's my opinion of the board.  Actually, it's most experts' opinion of the board)

Second, are you sure you have 133MHz RAM?  If not, that's likely the resolution to the issue.  You can try swapping your RAM for some that's known to be good and 133MHz to determine if that might be the problem.
beda79Author Commented:
hey, of course i'm sure it's 133 mhz, i read some weird stuff like re-fixing the cooler of some chip with some glue and thermal paste, i'm not so sure if i should try that! however...is there anybody who had the same problem and SOMEHOW fixed it?

Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
And are you sure the RAM is good??  - IE:  Have you tried it in another system, or tried other 133MHz RAM in yours?

do not put glue on a cooler under any circumstances.  Thermal paste in the right quantity is fine, but glue never will be a good idea.

To determine if you need to do anything with cooling though, are you overheating?  Check your temperatures in your bios or with a motherboard monitor software.  They should be in the 40C - 50C range, the lower the better.  If it's well above that, it could be an issue.

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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
beda79, do you need more assistance?
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Thanks beda79, but why the 'B' grade?  Was there info we left out or that you needed?

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