password protect a folder

Can someone please tell me how to password protect a folder in windows 2000. I want the user to access a folder based on his windows username and password

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Right-click the folder, choose Sharing.. Share it out, and in the Security Tab, identify the username that will have access to it.. You might want to remove the default "everyone"
If you are not on a domain, then you'll have to create a username/password on your win2k system that matches his windows username/password..
Dear Aiysha,
Or you may want to get help from third party softwares like - has the capability to zip a file and get password protect

Put users in group user can belong to multiple groups - create and share the folder - set folder NTFS security based on group.

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You will need to make sure your hard drive is in NTFS format. To do this, go to "my computer" and open the properties for drive c. Next to "file system" it will say either NTFS or FAT32. Start at step 1 if it says FAT32, at step 3 if it says NTFS

1. Open a command prompt (run cmd.exe)
2. Type "convert c: /fs:ntfs" and press enter. Follow the onscreen instructions until this process is finished.
3. Create a user on your computer with a user name and password of your choosing. This is done in the control panel "Users"
4. Right click the folder you want to protect, click properties, and select the "security" tab. Delete user "everyone" from access, and add the new user you have created.

That should work...

Hey all those anserws are not anwsering the question:
He wants to encrypt the data on his drive to do that:
You partition must be NTFS, if it is just right click on the folder click on the button ADVANCED and then select check box
Encrypt contents to secure data, thats all.
You don't have t o remove or edit any groups,only  the owners of the stuff that is inside that folder will be able to read everything based on their accounts, when you do that, don't forget to do system state data backup, that's the only way to recover the files after system will go nuts on you.
Administrator by default will be recovery agent for all of those people, if you want to change that edit GPO.
Encryption is transparent for the user, so if it's big file you will have to wait a while to decrypt it.
Take Care

HI Aishya,

     Password Protection was an option give by microsoft in windows 95/98. In 2000 it gave more secured option to add only the users u need. This is more secured than to  give a password to a folder and giving it to users. Because only the users you added will be able to to use the folder.

   As a Security Expert what I do is I just share a folder with access and give permissions with respect to user. I always trust this method and there has not been any loop hole till now

    If you are looking only for password protection of folder then you can go for some third party tools which u can get for some 20-30 dollars. I think you can try out for free also. Here are some links of third party tools



I was not an English major in college (History, actually), but the question:
>how to password protect a folder in windows 2000

Is not the same thing as:
How to encrypt data in a folder in windows 2000

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the action on a simple question with a high point value.

Aiysha, please respond to the dialog and let us know if we are helping your or confusing you...

The question also stated "based on his windows name and password".  

Logically, each user has only one name (userid) and password assocated with that ID.  If the folder is protected based on that only that one user has access to that folder and no one else.  NTFS security already take care of that.

If more than one user can access the folder that it cannot be protected based on the userid and password, unless all users use the same ID (guest) and password to get to the folder.

What does that leave you with?
1)  Share the folder using the hidden attribute, the $ sign after the share name.
1-  Give the share name to users who need access - NOT VERY GOOD.

2)  Share the folder, use NTFS security and add individual users.... TOO MUCH WORK.

3)  Share the folder, put users in group, use NTFS security and authorize group.... same as above - less administrative work....

4) You can create more head-aches for yourself by creating an FTP site, requiring users to login with userID and password and then point them to appropriate directory.  It's the same as #2 but looks different to users (it requires user name and password to allow access to directory... blahhhh!)

She didn't say that this computer is even on the network, with encryption she will have one to one mapping of the files and users based on username and password, with NTFS by default everyone will have an access to the folder, I think she wants users to manage their own files with minimal work done and high security.
AiyshaAuthor Commented:
wow, quite a discussion, actually I received more than what I asked for.. Gnart I really appreciate your point wise solution.. and like you mentioned in point 4 I would like to use the password protect  folder feature on the ftp server..... I created few users and removed access to everyone and selected the desired user.. but when I log on the ftp site using new users name I am unable to see any folders... any solutions???

Not a bad way to go, I need a little more info on your ftp, How did you setup the FTP site (IIS, 3rd party)?   You should be able to do it all using the following article (hint: go to the bottom of the article for the list);en-us;814865&Product=iis60

Best is to setup virtual directory and manage them that way.  If you didn't setup virtual directory then check NTFS folder security..... Depending on what you are trying to do, users can also use ftp via the web browser to make it easier for users.

Virtual directory allows lots of flexibility on managing those directory.  But as I said you will have additional headache in managing the directories.  Secure your network.


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Still not sure what you are trying to do in terms of security.  What are your requirements:

1) Multiple users to a specific folder (group NTFS)
2) One and only one user to multiple folders (NTFS)
3) User to multiple folders - some folders are shared with others (group NTFS)

Not sure why the above don't meet your requirements.  It results in the username + password (when s/he logons) which enable what folder(s) the user can or cannot see.

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