Please convert this to JSP

Hi All,

Could someone please convert the following VBScript/ASP code to JavaScript/JSP:


<script language=vbscript>
Sub SendToWord
      dim Obj , tObj , st2
      set tObj = createobject("Word.Application")
      tObj.Visible = True
      Set Obj = tObj.WordBasic
      st2 = document.all.item("wordtext").innerTEXT
      Obj.appmaximize 1
      obj.fontsize 8
      obj.font  "Courier New"
      obj.insert st2
      obj.font "Courier New"
End Sub

<script language=vbscript>
            call SendToWord()



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This is going to be a project :-)
hold on, a closer look seems this is client side vbscript. jsp is server side programming. you cannot convert this kid of vbscript to jsp. but you can still use it in jsp page, isn't it? what's your problem?
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
well, my goal is to have a jsp page open MS Word and send some text to it.
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DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Maybe Microsoft really does have better tools and languages than the others?
>> well, my goal is to have a jsp page open MS Word and send some text to it.
this is client side thing, it is nothing to do with jsp. your vbscript should continue to work as long as you convert rest of asp to the jsp.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Can VBScript be rendered from a Linux Server?
How would the code look if it was converted to JavaScript?
vbscript and javascript are all client side language. the server is not going to render anything, it simple send then to browser as is.

the diff is only IE support vbscript, no other browser does. in terms of the converting vbscript to javascrip, you'll have much better luck in javascript forum.

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there is another alternative, you can create a word doc at server side and send the word doc to client using poi:
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help.
Merry Christmas
thanks for the A grade and Merry Christmas to you too.
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