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I was just Curious as to logon times.  We have P4 1.6 ghz, 256 ram, windows xp workstations connecting to a windows 2000 domain.  We have a mandatory profile for the users which is 1.2 mb is size.  from the time a user enters his username to the time the profile is done loading and the user can use the computer is 50 seconds, with this time frame be considered good/bad/alright????
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Not too bad if you're using roming profiles, depends on their size.
Look at the user's desktop and the folders under the desktop for large files being saved there that could go elsewhere. Also, check to see if the My Documents folder is pointing to a network share that's available from all logon locations. This will prevent documents from following a user around the network.

You can also set IE to clear the cache when shut down.

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2hypeAuthor Commented:
Yes i am using a mandatory romaing profile, my documents are set for folder redirection to a network share, and the madatory profile was made without any IE Temp files or cookies, as mentioned above the profile is 1.26 mb in size.  Nothing is also on the desktop and if it was it wouldnt get saved back to the server.

On that note could it be improved, i was hoping to get it to like 20 secs
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1.26 megabytes, transferred over, say, 100 megabit-per-second Ethernet, at a reasonable 60%, should take less than a second to transfer, so the size of the package shouldn't be much of an issue.

What are your service pack levels?  There were slow login issues with various versions of Win2K and WinXP, some of which were addressed in service packs or patches.

You might see a big improvement if you simply do the registry tweak that turns off the browsing for remote scheduled tasks.  Let us know if you want to try that tweak.
Also, do you have AD on your Win2K or are you using legacy domain?  Do you have legacy apps that require WINS or NetBIOS names, or are you using IP without NetBT, using only DNS for name resolution?

This all could be a name-resolution issue, like the PC isn't finding the login server right away.

Are you running more than just IP? (NetBEUI, IPX, etc.)
Are you running IP with NetBIOS over IP enabled?
2hypeAuthor Commented:
we have some windows 98 machines on the network as well.

netbios is enabled over tcp/ip
we are using active directory on the w2k server
we dont have a wins server, and we dont give a wins server addres
we are using dns fro name resolution

the computer validates the logon name right away, just when it applys computers settings and so on seems to take a bit longer, when i go on as a user without a profile it takes no time at all to logon
>1.26 megabytes, transferred over, say, 100 megabit-per-second Ethernet, at a reasonable 60%, should take less than >a second to transfer, so the size of the package shouldn't be much of an issue.
10 megabytes should take less than a second, but the server has to do it's thing to package things up, check the local cache (you usually don't end up getting much data transferred at all), call redmond and ask if it's okay with bill...
a few minutes isn't unusual for a large profile.
Do you have this problem with ALL users on ALL client platforms, or are the slow-login-with-user-profile instances only with specific client OS versions or with specific users?

There are bugs (No, really?) in how different versions of Windows access and apply their policies housed on different versions of Windows server.

One of the most common is when a WinXP Pro workstation is logging into a Win2K Server, and everything is cool until it seems to hang for 5-10-15 minutes while applying the user profile.

The Biggest suggesstion I have might not apply to your situation, but I can't be sure from your reply to my questions.  

Do you have only one protocol active, or do you have muptiple protocols active?

You say positively that you have TCP/IP and have NetBIOS over IP enabled., but you don't mention whether or not you have any other protocols installed/enabled/bound.

One of the major causes of what you are experiencing is having both NetBEUI/NetBIOS and NetBIOS on IP installed and enabled.

Please answer all of these questions:

What combination of client OS and server OS causes your problem?  Is it specific to one or two combinations (and which ones), or is it across-the-board?

What protocol(s) are installed and bound on your servers?  What protocol(s) are installed and bound on your workstations?   Please be as complete as possible in your answers.

What version(s) of the various OS-es are you running on the Server?  What is the service-pack status of those Servers?

What version(s) of the various OS-es are you running on the clientss?  What is the services-pack status of these clients?

Are there any errors displaying during the logon script processing?  During the policy processing?  In the Event  log?
Yet another possibility, is that if you are using roaming profiles, you need to establish guidelines for the use of the desktop folder..

If everyone has the annoying habit of saving all of their files and crap and emails and pictures of their grandkids on their desktop, then it will seem to take forever for the roaming profile to load, because it has a crapload of stuff to load over the comparatively slow link of the network, rather than either NOT loading it, or loading it from a source local to the PC.

Yet another reason why I discourage the (all-too-common) practice of saving stuff to the desktop.  Personally, I like the idea of adding restrictive policies so users *can't* save stuff to the desktop folder.
2hypeAuthor Commented:
Windows 98 Computers Logon Fine, (Don't Have to Load the Roaming profile)
Windows XP, Service Pack 1, All the Critical Service Packs, A few of the Important Reccomended Service Packs.

ShineOn:  As to your second comment regarding desktops, The users have a roaming mandatory profile.  The Profile is 1.26 mb in size, There is nothing saved on the desktop on this profile.  If they were to save to the desktop which it is restricted the items saved on the desktop wouldnt get saved back into the profile due to the fact it is mandatory.  I dont think the size of the profile is an issue, 1.26mb is not large at all.

We Set up the computers to delete the local profile, therefore each time they logon to a windows xp machine it has to copy the whole profile from the server.

(There is only one server) The Server is running W2K Server, The Protocols installed are: Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and Network Monitor Driver.

Windows XP - SP 1, Plus Critical Service Packs, and Various Reccomended Updates, The Protocols that are installed are Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Windows 98 SE - TCP/IP

During the logon process there are no errors in the logon script/policy processing or eventlog.

I know the more restrictions you have made in the Group Policy the longer it takes to logon because it has to apply them all and the accounts have alot of restrictions, i just wasnt sure if 50 seconds from start to finish was long,  I would like to cut it down to like 20 seconds but im not sure if it possible without locally caching or using less restrictions.

Is there also some way possible to lock using the computer from being used until the profile is fully loaded,  The desktop and Startmenu appear after 35 sec but the startmenu program icons have yet to load, the users will then click on the start menu then programs to find that it is all grey due to the fact that the program icons havnt loaded yet and the computer will freeze for about 15 seconds (when the profile is fully loaded), The users see this as a problem when it isnt really an issue if they would wait the extra 10 seconds for the profile to finish loading.

I Have the start menu load with the profile, and i remove common programs from loading into the start menu (so nothing will appear in the start menu until the profile loads).  The start menu must be one of the last things applyed???? and i dont want the users clicking it until it has been fully loaded.

2hypeAuthor Commented:
THe Windows 2k Server is at Service Pack 4, various critical updates and reccomended updates
2hypeAuthor Commented:
There you go
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