why mouth click always starts in the middle of the textarea?

Hi experts,

I have tried for whole day and have no clue why this is happening..?

I have two textarea on the same page with identical codes, but when I click on the first one, the mouth always starts from the beginning of the line, but when I click on the second textarea, it starts in the middle of the line. I tried to use Trim() to trim the white space around the entries in these two textareas. The first one always works fine, the second one always has extra space which does not get trimed.

I have no clue what is wrong with the second textarea....?Help and thanks.
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if your textarea looks like this in the one your having trouble with, its because of white space

<textarea name="txtArea">

But if you do it like this it should work correctly

<textarea name="txtArea"></textarea>

I seen the same problem not to long ago in another thread and that is what i found the problem was.
Could you post some code.
Glad we could help and thanks for the A

Happy Holidays (If you celebrate them)

Jay I have never noticed that before, interesting. That sounds like the answer.
Yes i had not ever paid any attention to it before i ran across the other Q
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