Need to add a password protected printer

How can i add a shared printer over a network which requires a password in order to access it, from windows 98? The add printer wizard does not allow me to insert a username but only a password!! --Note that the printer is installed on a windows XP operating system!! ---  I have tried performing the same operation from windows XP and it worked when I inserted both username and password. Does anyone knows how to do it in windows 98? Please help!!
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check this link, might be helpful for u:
ok sorry i didn't read that u need the USERNAME in win98 :-S

In windows 98, you should change the way users get into your shared services (printers and files)

Right click on Networkhood, select properties
on the window displayed, select the folder Access control or control access (i'm a spanish speaker, do not know english version, but should be the rightmost folder)

Select "user access control" or something similar that points to users, and will ask you from which domain it should
gather usernames.

click apply.

Then, share that printer selecting valid usernames and passwords.

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pikayAuthor Commented:
I solved it!!! Thank you both  Goofytouy and SheharyaarSaahil. I manage to solve it!! The reason was the fact that windows XP (where the printer was installed) did not have nay "Guest" account activated. It seems that windows 98 were trying to use the printer as "Guest" which did not exist in XP.

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