code to use voice commands in java


I am developing an academic project to give voice commands to do certain tasks using java 1.4, i am able to record and save wav files, but unable to compare different command and do the appropriate actions.

please tell me how do i understand the command and do the appropriate steps. i dont want to use voice recognition but simple comparison of wav files .
need code to compare wav files in java.

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mahesh_qatesterAuthor Commented:
Kindly provide me the answers as soon as possible.
Since its very urgent for me.

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mahesh_qatesterAuthor Commented:
My Code should just compare 2 wav files.
> I am developing an academic project

I'm not doing it for you...

Did you look at the links me and girionis provided?

I know the second link of mine shows you how to do recognition...

We cannot write an academic project for you under the terms of the membership agreement:


 That's why I love Tim's answers ;)
mahesh_qatesterAuthor Commented:
i want to know how to compare wav files not speech recognition. there is a lot of difference between speech reconition and wav file comnparison and tim i guess now thats clear and so should it be for girlonis.
 Well how do you store the speech? I guess in WAV files and therefore you have the soundwave somehow. Recognizing speech involves comparing/contrasting the soundwave of the WAV file with a given pattern essentially it is the same thing (speech recognition and wav files comparison).

  Take a look at the links we posted, they have a few useful examples. If you still do not understand then post again.
>there is a lot of difference between speech reconition and wav file comnparison ...
sure, but the functionality you want IS *speech recognition* ?!
mahesh_qatesterAuthor Commented:
i tried through recognition but the appropriate jsapi is not available which one do u suggest.

i find only free tts but no recognizer??
please suggest.
 What do you mean by saying "not available"? Have you checked Tim's links, they contain several APIs.
The IBM one does recognition, but you need ViaVoice installed too...
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