no hard-disk present


My school just bought a new server for 4000 euro from HP.
My first step is too install Small Buisness server.
But when i connect the computer and try to install the server
tells me that there arenùt any harddiskds present on the computer
But there are 2 BIG SCSI diskdrives installed inside it.
Do i need to do anything to make the SCSI dIsks ready so
i can instal the small buisness server on it?

Thanks for youre help
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It is possible that your SCSI controller is not configured properly.  It might even be a RAID controller.  A RAID controller must be configured for the type of RAID you want to use.  Before that, the disks will NOT show up for an OS to detect them, because the RAID controller's software does not have a configured "virtual disk" to provide to the OS.

If it is a RAID controller, since you only have 2 hard drives, you are limited to RAID 0 or RAID 1.  RAID 0 gives you the ability to concatenate the disks into a single "virtual" device.  There is no redundancy and if one disk "dies" nothing will be accessible.

RAID 1 will give you "mirroring."  What that does is take your 2 big drives and make them look like one big drive to the OS, with the size of only one of the drives.  All data updates are then done to both of the drives, which results in redundancy, allowing for one disk to fail without loss of access or data.

If you DO have a RAID controller, then you MUST use the RAID configuration utilities to create your virtual drive before attempting to load your OS.
HP Provide CD-ROM , called HP NetServer Navigator with the servers.
Boot from that CD and go ahead...


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Jivco is correct, the HP CD will install the vendor's device drivers and managment utilites.
Boot from that CD and follow the instructions, don't guess.
If something isn't clear, call HP or open a question here.

ShineOn's comment is apt as well.
If there is a raid controller- when you boot the system you will observe a 'banner' when it's bios loads which has the instruction as to which key-combination to use to enter the raid configuration menu.
With two disks, I would heartily recommend RAID1 (aka mirroring) and doing that with the raid controller rather than using Windows disk management. If you need more space than this provides go back to management and either get 2 more disks or a sign-off on the considerable risk of using RAID0. The chance of disk failure in a stripe is twice that of a single disk. There are many considerations in the selection of raid levels while include risk levels and performace, but you have enough on your plate at the moment and RAID0 should provide you with adequate general purpose performance and a level of redundancy that will let you sleep at night.

If the system has only a standard SCSI host adaptor, I would start the installation on one basic disk. You can convert to dynamic and mirror the disk when the system is up and stable and you have backup in place.

Don't be afraid to start from scratch if you make a mistake. Don't start loading data until the system is patched up and tested so that you have that option in the event a requirement or impediment comes along while you're getting things together.
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chicagoan -

Thanks for the vote of confidence.  Maybe someone else reading this PAQ will get value from my comment, thanks to your (also valuable) comment.

If Jivco's comment gave stevenvervliet the answer he needed, cool.    It's hard to tell, since stevenvervliet didn't choose to explain what the exact resolution to the problem was.  

It's up to the questioner to decide whose answer is best, despite the value of additional information and advice given.

Your advice also might be listened to, and prove to be valuable, but the only way we will know is if the questioner decides to give us a response.

Yes, sometimes we overthink the problem, since we aren't there and don't know what has been tried before.  Sometimes the simple, obvious suggestion is the real answer, because for some reason it hadn't been tried before even if logic might scream out to you and me that it should have been tried, so something else must be wrong.

Ah, well.  We do our best.  :-\
Make it simple....
It just works

ShineOn , what happens if you configure RAID array but do not load the apropriate driver for RAID controller?

And ShineOn ,

nobody needs your flame war.

We should help , not just win points.

Best regards

Jivko -

"what happens if you configure RAID array but do not load the apropriate driver for RAID controller?"
You get squat.  Why anyone would not use the appropriate driver for their RAID controller is another topic altogether.

"...flame war"
 What are you talking about?

If I ever flame you, you'll feel it.  Flaming is against EE policy, and I don't play that game.
stevenvervlietAuthor Commented:
Hello guys.

Shine on, thank you for you're long en detailed explanatiion. i am
sorry i did not award you the points. I just checked the first comment and
went to see in the box that came with the server and found a Start up cd-rom
i placed this into the cdrom a 5 min later a was able to install the
Small buisness server. So the answer had fitted my needs in the most
easiest way. And fixt the problem i had. But i appreciated you're comment.
Maybe next time ill be able to reward you with the points. Keep up
the good work.

Kind regards

I was not fishing for points.  I was commenting that it would be nice to know how the answer accepted helped you; it helps to make the PAQ complete.

Which you have now done.  Thank you, and I am glad your problem was resolved.
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