Read Pixel from Screen ( using VB.NET)

VB.NET Windows Application

If someone clicks on a pixel on a screen how can the pixel color be read e.g. in Mouse down event

Is it possible to access the screen as a bitmap? i.e. copy a specific area of the screen content into a bitmap.


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Bob LearnedCommented:
Get the color of a pixel from a picture box image:

      Dim bm As Bitmap = Me.PictureBox1.Image
      bm.GetPixel(x, y)
Private Sub PictureBox1_MouseMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles PictureBox1.MouseMove
        'get the picture box's bitmap into the "bitmap " variable
        Dim bitmap As Bitmap = PictureBox1.Image
        'get the color at the X,Y position, using the event (e) object
        Dim color As Color = bitmap.GetPixel(e.X, e.Y)
        'get the RGB value
        Dim ColorValue As Integer = color.ToArgb

        'extract the red, and set the form's caption
        Me.Text = "Red = " & CStr((ColorValue And &HFF0000) \ &H10000) & _
        " Green = " & CStr((ColorValue And &HFF0000) \ &H100) & _
        " Blue = " & CStr((ColorValue And &HFF0000) \ &H1)
    End Sub
Bob LearnedCommented:
Is this still an open issue?
arvindb1Author Commented:
Yes, Currently i'm analyzing proposed solutions, pls. give me some time. i'll definitely get back.
arvindb1Author Commented:
Comment from testn has solved my problem
Thanks for help
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