sometimes replication does not work.....

Hi all

This is the first time I have asked a Q in LN.

I dont use LN my self and never have, but a customer of mine does and she is having problem with her local replication. after she has diald in to the server and the connection is all ok her local re[plication works fine but then after some time (an hour or so) she cant replicate on local but the dial in connection to the server is still established.

she sometimes get this error at the bottom of the page on the replication page: "cant have the same name server"

what does this mean?

If anybody know of any know problems please let me know, ty

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Huseyin1Author Commented:
Also if the LN server is down can one still do a local replication?

Local replication?

If the server is not running you can't do replication
is she doing replication only mail application or thier any other application also?

and what is the verison of OS and Notes?
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and in the replicator page, it will list what are the applications it is running. Please let us know what are they.

And when she is replicating, she go to replicator page and check the status of replicating. With this metod, she can easily trace which application is having problem


she can do replicating one by one. This is the best way.

Getting the exact error message is very important. You can see replication error details in two places, both in the database named LOG.NSF (Notes Log).  Details below.

Also, the terminology you are using is a bit confusing.  By "local replication," what do you mean?  Replication is always with a Domino server, either a Notes client to a Domino server, or two Domino servers with each other. the only exception is when Notes is acting as an Internet client POP3,SMTP,IMAP,NNTP).  The client uses the replicator to commnicate using those protocols as well.  There is still a server, but it is an Internet mail server or news server) instead of a Domino server.  If no Domino server is available, then the only type of "replication" you can do is Internet "replication."

I also need to know what type of dial-up she is using. Is she using the Notes dial-up protocol, or is she using WIndows Dial-Up Networking (DUN or RAS)?  If she is using DUN/RAS, then is she having the OS dial, or dos Notes do the dialing?  If Notes is doin the dialing (either Notes dial protocol or DUN/RAS), is the dialing initiated by the replicator, or does she initiate the dialing manually?


Log replication data access:

Open the database


Expand your client's name, scroll down to the correct date, expand that, and open the apropriate time entry.  Look for errors in the log text

Close the event document

Click on teh REPLICATION EVENTS view

Expand the name of the server she replicates with

Find the correct date/time/replication entry, and open it


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Huseyin1Author Commented:
Hello again and thank you all for the responce...#

She does replicate many things i dont know as yet what they are!
she's using win 95 or 98
notes version is 4.51

ty for your comment I will sujest to here to replicate each item one by one, she will call me if the problem comes around again.

I dont know what she means by local replication, i have never used notes before, but this is what she has said "local replication"
on notes on the bottom right corner of the screen you have the connection details like office, connected disconnected etc, thats what i think she means!

She use's RAS windows dial-up to access our servers which gives the user access to the net and LN and other things.

I will tell her to replicate one by one and see the exact error if it comes up again......

It would be easier if you can get the exact error message.. it gives out more clue
> office, connected disconnected etc

These are "location profile names."  They allow yuo to do things like specify what network connectivity you have, where yuor mail is located, a user ID to switch to etc., how often to automatically replicate -- all things that might change as you move physically from one location to another, or disconnect your laptop, etc.

By Local Replication, she might have simply meant Notes client replication versus DOmino server replication.

Version 4.51 is Realy, Really, Really, Really, Really old.  Kind of like using Intenet Explorer v3 or Netscape v3.  The current version is 6, most of the world is at least on 5, and even those on 4 are using 4.6, which has some significant changes from 4.5.
Which version Qwaletee do u think is better?
My choice goes for 4.5

And as per I know, thier is no version where Lotus clears all the bugs.

Do u agree!
You prefer 4.5?  No way! 4.6 added lots of built-in Domino UI to the designer, directory asistance, internet client, computed text.  Why would I use 4.5, unless I needed a Mac, Unix, or OS/2 client?
I did not worked more on 4.6 and don't have that much exp., in finding bugs. As pre I know, even IBM is still using 4.5 servers.
Why don'y they upgrade?

If they won't upgrade to latest version, then who will upgrade?

Can I have discussion topic in EE?

I want to discuss on Lotus Notes future. Pros and Cons compared to other softwares.

Can I open a new thread on that topic?

Huseyin1Author Commented:
this version of LN is the standard business version meaning it used by the company all over the world and thats their limit we cant upgrade.
I have called my local support team and have asked them to deal with the problem in which there are now doing so. It's too complecated for me as I dont use LN, so this problem is no longer mine.

thank you all anyway

I'll disk out points all over......

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