yet another hook question!

(150 points on answering this)
id like to hook into all messages particually socket messages i want to recive the socket port and data coming in this port also the program that this came from(hwnd)

or for the extra 50points(that ill add)
hook the shellexicute message and whos calling it sink it or swim it

i hope you understand my question ill keep incresing points the more intered i get starts at 50 points and goes up :D
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mgazzaAuthor Commented:
ill take a look i got an exam at 11:45gmt so if i dont reply ill get back to you at an arround 12:45

incresing points^^^
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
hi im not sure what i should be looking for on thoes pages. i just want to know how to hook messages from sockets. and ither sink or swim them maybe even take a peek at the packet to be processed.
yes you are right im looking for hackers n crackers on my ports.
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mgazzaAuthor Commented:
humm can i tempt ne 1 wth points
I would suggest that you post a new 20 point question titled something like
Trace/track socket messages
and paste a link to this one.
The title that would attract appropriate experts, not the points.
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
thanks ,
will do
I read this Q because it was titled a hooks question. Perhaps what you want is to monitor/spy winsock.
I searched for winsock monitor and found the following results. Perhaps you could go through them so that you get a better idea of what you want to ask.

The list:

Monitoring net traffic:

Monitoring Ports:

Monitor Sockets:

I hope some winsock experts join in to help you: I don't know much about it.
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
ill look,
i found some c source code of what i want to do it looks like i dont need to hook but i dont think i can read the packets without hooking so :D
Every where I search, I find Madshi.
So, your best bet would be that Madshi some how lands into this thread.
In the mean time, you could try to dig things up from

Yes, there are n number of C code examples for this.
There may be delphi ones also: it's just that I don't know where :-)
Hi guys,

hooking APIs can be done with my package madCodeHook, which is even free - but only for non-commercial usage. One of the demos which ships with madCodeHook already hooks ShellExecute, so there you have a ready solution for that. Hooking the WinSock functions works in a similar way, you just need to change the demos a bit.

Here are the demos:

Here's the online documentation:

Regards, Madshi.
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
Didn’t I post the URL to the download of the c code?
humm.... /Downloads/
I did not code this ^

Yea I know your code madshi, its very gud but I intend to use most of my apps for commercial use, and I respect your copyright: D

My popupkiller 1.4 coded entirely by me blocks almost anything
^This is what I need to monitor shell execute for my current app has to "listen" for new processes. This is highly inefficient and an unnecessary waste of system CPU ticks

My socket manager  --- this is what I need to code I am mainly focusing on user interface for this I need some kind of code so I can listen and filter connections/packets

All I need is some understanding of how to complete the task

If this offends some people I am sorry but
I don’t like using components anyone else’s code or hooks or I don’t gain anything out of the task (learn the hard way)
Not to say there’s anything wrong with other peoples code I just prefer to re-invent the wheel (stupid me)
I like to know how any why things work.  If I don’t know this the code is useless, for it has limited capabilities, but if I know how it works then I can analyse and construct my own code with different variations for each task, which is where efficiency comes in
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
sorry messed up the url

but the web site is mine :D lol needs an update it suxs bigtime
mgazzaAuthor Commented:
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