Time notation in the LN client !

Hi all,

I'm trying to find out, how to change the time format whitin a LN client and how this works. I found a entry in the PAB, that's asking to using the Timezone settings from the OS.
We are using the dutch regional settings on our W2K Workstations, but i don't want to use those settings. I want to change the time notation to US style (with A.M. and P.M.) and not military time notation 00:00 to 24:00 hours.

Where do you have to make the changes to change to US style time settings ?

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As far as I know, Notes uses the date/time notation as defined in the OS. Same for currency and decimal- and thousands separators.

The timezone is the correction on Greenwich Time... Amsterdam = +1 hour. That doesn't affect the way dates and times are actually written.

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You can change the TIME ZONE settings within the Notes client.  But you can't change the FORMAT for time/date/currency.

For that, you WILL need to adjust it at the OS levele.

If you need this for a specific application, you can change the FIELD settings on particular fields to use a specific date format.
it is in regional settings u need to change.

If it is for a specific application need for compilation in script, then use Format function(see help fo rmore info)

Is this waht u r looking for ?
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luke1346Author Commented:
Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments !

IT's clear for me now, that's it's not possible to change it in the notes client. I can't change it in the application, because it's a third party tool, so the manufactuar has to change his design !

Thanks .....

CRAK will earn the point, he was the first (-:

Thanks again guys...hope to see you later !!

So your using dutch settings.... I'm dutch! Where do you live/work?
CRAk found a friend!!
luke1346Author Commented:
Hi CRAK.....

I live near The Hague ! Leidschenda-Voorburg !

Yes....we're using Dutch settings !

Another neighbour!
I live on Ypenburg....

What company?
Why I should feel jealous. I have u(is it not enough?) and other experts.
luke1346Author Commented:

Do you have more neighbours ?

I work for E.ON Benelux !
R u sure both are not working in the same office???
Ever heard of Bob Oosterbaan?
Must sound familiar to you! ;-))
luke1346Author Commented:
That's wright....

Workings also at E.ON Benelux and is my brother !!!!
luke1346Author Commented:
Also active on Experts Exchange !
I thought that he once mentioned that he was the only "notes guy" one out there....
luke1346Author Commented:

So you know him..... ?

He is the only notes guy, but when he's not here, I'm trying to replace him...That's why I'm asking those silly questions !

I've answered one or two questions for him. He hasn't been around here for a while!
And you're right... sillyness convinced me: you ARE brothers.  ;-))
Don't tell him that, just that I said hi... I wonder if he remembers....
luke1346Author Commented:

I won't tell him, because he will mad as hell (-:

I will say hi to him, but he will be online soon.....

CU Crack, thanks again !
nBlade is also Dutch
I think so.... but I haven't met him here that often. He certainly hasn't logged in for a some time! There are a few others that I know of, but somehow no one picks this up as a (weird) hobby.
There's also Vince Schuurman.  Belgian, but living in the Netherlands.
luke1346Author Commented:
Aha...so The Netherlands and Belgium Rulezzz......

Like Jerrith!
But amongst the two of us Luke, there ARE a lot of Americans here.... I haven't performed any counts, but the general impression is that there's only a few of us!
But cheer up... that must make us more valuable or expensive, like all stuff that isn't commonly available. Sad thing is that a lot of people can't afford me answering their questions. That's why I won't reach no 1....
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