ServerSocket Security problem on MS Java (In an signed applet)

Hi all,

I have a problem with creating ServerSocket in MS Java.

I have a ServerSocket in an applet wich is a router for other applets that can not connect trough firewalls. In this router I implemented a http tunneling to avoid firewalls.

The problem is that on MS JVM when creating a ServerSocket I have a security exception even my applet (the router) is signed.

There is another solution for MS JVM? (I'm refering do not use ServerSocket) or how can I avoid this security exception?

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Probably not signed correctly - do some fine inspection ;-)
black_nmAuthor Commented:
Is correctly signed.
On Java Sun it works fine.
You must sign it with MS for MS

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 Do you need to use MS "java"? Why not stick with the version we all use?
black_nmAuthor Commented:
Is not my choice. The client want to work in windows without any other downloads. (I'm referring to the Java plug-in download)
black_nmAuthor Commented:
I have signed the applet jar and also the cab file.
>>and also the cab file.

But obviously not adequately, or you wouldn't be getting security errors
black_nmAuthor Commented:
So you are sure that with a applet signed it have to work on MS?

I signed the code with netscape security.

How can I sign the code for MS.
 Take a lookhere for signing MS java code:

  and here for more signing:
> So you are sure that with a applet signed it have to work on MS?

  It should yes.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
if you remove the cert from IE, and reload the applet does it ask you to trust that cert?
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