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I'm a DJ and I have a Powerbook G4 1 Ghz processor. How can I encode some music videos I have purchased on DVD? I am using www.megaseg.com for audio/video playback while DJ'ing. Megaseg rocks and I want to incorporate video as well. How can I get the videos from the DVD onto my computer in a format that is high quality (Quicktime)(for playback thru amplified speakers)? THANKS!

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Grab DVDBackup from versiontracker.com. It'll grab video and audio from the DVD and drop it to disk in DVD quality.

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Oh yeah, it'll probably give you .VOB files on HD. You will need to demux them to play in QT, OR just play them with VLC media player muxed. Both tools are on versiontracker.
=P  Eh, weed gave you the cut down 10 second answer.  =)  Really, what you'll be doing is "ripping" the dvd into a format that your computer uses easily, like .mov files.  There are tons of programs for the mac and PC to help, and some that claim to do the whole process, although none of those have worked for me.  I have used this tutorial before with success...


Some of the tools are not available anymore on VT, but if you search in google you can find them.  =)  That will getcha a .mov file that is perfectly audio sync'd and everything.  If you don't want audio since I think you want to DJ your music with this video, drop the .mov into final cut pro or something.  =P  (you could actually rip it without audio but I haven't done it on a mac before, only a pc)

Take care mate

 - I
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A MOV and an MPEG are equally easy to play. A VOB file IS a Muxed MPEG-2. So, all you have to do is use DVD Backup to get it to disk, then demux it and rename it with .mpg.
powermixxAuthor Commented:

I used DVDBackup and bbDEMUX. Now what? Rename what file?

That process looks like stereo installaion instructions, no worse! LOL. Is there anything, even if I pay for it, because I plan on encoding a lot of music videos I have purchased and that process looks complicated and time consuming.

powermixxAuthor Commented:
The music video DVD I ripped has 45 tracks on it. Here is a link to a screenshot of the folder contents:

Any of these files make sense? Where are the 45 songs? GRR!
Hard to figure out what tracks you want since youve got them listed by date. List them by name for us. The important tracks are usually the ones that are 1024mb in size and theyre not individual tracks. One video may split over segments.

After using bbdemux youll have the video and audio in different streams. You can either recombine them, or play them separately. Recombining could be done in QT Pro.
powermixxAuthor Commented:
Ok, I posted the files in Name order. I need the audio/video in one file for www.megaseg.com to play it.
Ok so it looks like you want files 1_2.VOB through 1_8.VOB. Once youve demuxed the video youll get an audio and video track. Recombine them with QT Pro and youll be set to go.
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