Incorporating vidoe clips in your web-site

Hi guys,

I have video clips recorded on a cam-corder.  I would like to include them on my web-site.  Could someone tell me is this possible and how i can do it????

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Sure it's possible. Dump the video clips to your HD with firewire or video capture card. There's lots of software out there that will let you encode the video in any number of ways. The most compatible are MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4. For web delivery I would suggest MPEG-4. In most cases you can just include the video in the html the way you would include any image and the browser and appropriate plugin will handle it on the users end.
mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
The part i have the problem with is storing the video onto my HD.
Can you explain exactly what i do there?

Storing it? You need to connect your camera with whatever connections it has. Hopefully firewire. Video capture software like iMovie would be your best bet. Most capture software will also let you edit and export.
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What sort of computer do you have PC or MAC

And what operating systems do you have

your camera may also be USB, also what software in any are you using to construct your website.
mcgettiuAuthor Commented:

I have a PC with Windows 2000

Whats USB???

Not sure what you mean by what software....
Website is written mainly in HTML using CSS, with a bit of Javascript
Just used TextPad to write it, and used PaintShopPro 7 to edit images
What DOES your camera have? Firewire? RCA? Do you have a capture card or firewire on your machine?

 We need a few more details on your pc, what sort of graphics card do you have etc? If it is a standard ready built pc, give us the manufacturer and model number. Also we need to know what the manufacturer and model of your camcorder, and we can then look up some more details to help you.

mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
Hey guys,

I haven't forgotten about this question.

Im borrowing a camcorder...I will let you know the details as soon as i get it.  It wont be for another week or so....

Have a good Christmas
Tks for your help so far......

mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
Back again....

My PC is a standard ready built one....
Its a Dell OptiPlex GX260
Its OS is Microsoft Woindows 2000
1,046,520KB RAM
CPU 2.80 GHz

The camcorder is a Panasonic, I dont have the model number - should have it later today.
I know it comes with a USB cable, and a CD-ROM with USB driver code on it which you can install on your PC.

Im really not techie at all, Im probably being a bit adventurous with this endeavour.....

mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

I've just got my hands on the camcorder.  Its a Panasonic NV-DS65B.  It provides a USB cable and USB Device Driver 3.00P software.

PC details are mentioned above.

So i connect the camcorder to the PC via the USB cable.  The driver software will allow my PC recongise the camcorder.  Do i then need some sort of video capture software to record and store the footage on my PC.  Is there any freeware available?

I need to try and do this asap, so any help would be really appreciated.
USB probably isnt the best idea. A good deal of the capture software out there only recognizes Firewire, or analog inputs and even analog support is starting to go by the wayside. You could check versiontracker for anything that will grab from USB.

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mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
Hey Weed,

Tks for that
Although i didn't get the simple solution i was hoping for.  I've been forced to learn a lot about Fireware v's USB etc...

Expect another related question very shortly :)
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