using std::iostream ?

This might be an easy question for most of you I guess.

I want to use "using std::iostream" or similar first in my cpp-files. This is because I have a lot of "cout" and "endl" in my code and it would be dirty code if I have to replace it with "std::cout" and "std::endl". See the attached file for a complete project in VC++ 6.0. But the compiler won't allow this. It won't recognize the cout and endl words, why?

d98rolbSystem Developer Asked:
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You can use the line
using namespace std;
infront of all occurances of cout and endl to achieve this.
>>It won't recognize the cout and endl words, why?

I assume you are not using the correct namespace - try adding

#include <iostream>
// other STL headers...
using namespace std; // <-- !

Use "using namespace std;" istead. cout and endl are both members of the std namespace.

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d98rolbSystem Developer Author Commented:
Hi again, I forgot to say that the VC++ project file can be downloaded on (15 kb)

d98rolbSystem Developer Author Commented:
I don't want to use the simple solution in the start of each file:

using namespace std;

This introduce hard to find errors later in the project because the whole namespace is visible.

Where you would have put using namespace std; you can import only the items you want:

using std::cout;
using std::cin;
using std::endl;


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>>I don't want to use the simple solution


>>This introduce hard to find errors later

Which errors?
d98rolbSystem Developer Author Commented:
using namespce std;
reveal the whole namespace for the program, proffessional programmers don't use it, and I have now learned why...

>>proffessional programmers don't use it

OK, so you are suggesting that I am acting 'unprofessional'? That's a bummer, gonna have to quit my job...
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