How do you send an email message to a distribution list except for one or two people?

How do you send an email message to a distribution list except for one or two people?

So, if there's a distribution list of 2000 people, and I don't want one or two people to get that email, is there something special I can put in the TO box to keep it from being sent to only those one or two people?

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Perhaps temporarily remove those people from your distribution list before you construct the email and then after you send the email add them back in.
Yep - there's not really a way around it.  Unless, you want to create a duplicate DL (one with those two contacts and one without).  Either way - it's gotta be manually accomplished.

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apm825Author Commented:
--this is an exchange distribution list, which I cannot change or copy. :-(
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Bummer :(
apm825Author Commented:
I just thought there would be a way to say something like "Sales Department; -Sally Ray"...and it not send it to sally ray.
apm825Author Commented:
Is there really no way around this?
I don't think so since you don't have permission to change the list. Talked to the admin of the Exchange Server and see if they can help you out.
Or, you can create your own locally - again, one with and one without the specified recipients.
You set up another distribution list.  Why is such a simple solution not accepted?
Why not set up your own distribution list in your local address book if you don't have permission on the ES?
slink9 no need to yell. Geesh.
The list is 2000 people and apm825 doesn't have rights to copy the original list. Don't you think would be a big pain in the but to recreate the list and I gathered apm825 already considered recreating the list by this statement "which I cannot change or copy"

It has been a while since I played around with ES.  Can't you go into the address book and copy that distribution list to a comma delimited file on your hard drive?  If that is possible a DL in the personal PST is very viable and easy to create.
I don't know Steve ES not something I work with myself.
apm825Author Commented:
Ok, just wanted to make sure before closing the question. What one person thinks is impossible, another one proves possible. Looks like this one is not one of those.

>>You set up another distribution list.  Why is such a simple solution not accepted?
What, and type 2000 people's names in a personal dist list...that will have to updated whenever someone is hired or fired? No thanks.

Thanks guys for all your help!

Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
You CAN remove a name from a global distribution list (or a local dist list). Try these steps:

When addressing the mail, click the "TO" button
Single click the name of the list and choose properties
select all names from the list (or just some)
Click the "to" button (or cc or bcc) at the bottom left where it says "add to"
Click OK, and then selectively remove or delete any name you don't want send to

Karen's answer only works if you have privileges to modify the exchange distribution list and it also makes the changes permanent to the server copy of the distribution list.  I don't believe the user has these privileges nor did they desire to change the server original.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
I strongly disagree. This will NOT change the distlist. Try it yourself, if you are on a C/W install
Now sure what C/W install stands for?

I am running Exchange 5.5 and you can do what you've stated only if you have privileges to modify the exchange distribution list.  If you don't have the privilege, then you are denied.  If you do, then you are changing the exchange copy of the distribution list.
apm825, you are VERY kind to give an A for a 'non-answer'.  Of course, some things simply cannot be done (without proper permissions).  I'm sorry we couldn't get this working for you the way you would have liked.

2 kfalandays - nope - I'm on OL-XP and I simply cannot edit the DL list (and I've been using OL since inception).  

Nice effort to everyone.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
OK, guys, here's the deal. Are you using corporate/workstation installation? This has been a feature at least since OL97, but is NOT available if you have installed as internet mail only.

THis does NOT involve editing the distribution list, only the recipients. Once again, make sure you single click the global dist list name (don't double click) and choose properties. Now do you see the "Add to and cc" area?

I will get some screen dumps for you, if you like, but you can ABSOLUTELY do this in most companies. It is very hard to find reference to this feature, but I will give you some, if needed!!

PS, I did not get points for this one!!
Points aren't an issue - I am trying to learn.  I was reading with curiousity and tried what (I thought) you stated.  I am an Exchange Admin - running v5.5 with Outlook 2000 - 550 users, been doing this since Aug 1999.  Yes we're using Corportate Workstation installation with MAPI storage of emails on the Exchange Server.  

I understand now what you are saying:  in the left window select the DL and click properties, then highlight all members names and click the "Add to:  [TO]" button in properties to add all users individually to the [TO] box.  You can then remove the couple undesireables.  And, yes this does work as you state.  

One possible caveat is that the user stated that they couldn't copy the DL, which leads me to believe the Admin had the "Hide membership from address book" bit set at the server so users could not see who the members of the DL are.  Otherwise, I'll conceed that you've offered an excellent answer and should have recieved the points.

Thanks for being patient we me,

Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi Paul, I'm not upset! Sorry if I gave that impression. We are all here because we're trying to learn. No one can know all of this stuff :)
I know this is a late answer but...

Here's an easy work around.  Open the distribution list and choose the "Action" menu.  Pick "New Message to Contact". This will open a new message window with the distribution list in the "To:" field.  Click the "+" sign next to the DL.  This will replace the DL name with all the individual emails in the list.  Now you can simply delete the ones you wish to exclude.

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