disk partition problem

Windows 2k running in an 8gb partition on a 38gb hard drive.  The other 30gb unallocated.

Created ghost using Symantec... only choice was to copy the hard drive.

When loading the ghosted image to a new client, I always get a single partition of 38gb, not the smaller partition with the unallocated space.  It doesn't matter on the "load to clients" whether I choose "disk" or "partition"... the outcome on the client is always the same: a full-sized 38gb partition with windows 2k.  

How can I build the correct-size partition in advance?  Right now I'm doing it the hard way: installing windows 2k, partitioning correctly, and then running the ghost-image back over the installed client to give it the right image.  But this is time-consuming, especially since none of my rack-mounted computers have CD rom drives and I must open them up one-at-a-time, connect a CD rom drive, install w2k and then do the ghosting.

There's gotta be a better way.

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gateguardAuthor Commented:
PS:  I tried Partition Magic but that created problems of its own, which I'll go into if anyone is interested.
That seems like Ghost is telling you that it only found 1 partition, which was 38GB.  You should have been able to do a Ghost image of only the 8GB partition - what did you Ghost the image to?  If you did it to a hard drive, you should have been able to do a partition image.
did you try the ghost.exe -or switch when you tried to create your partition image?
You're using win98 or DOS7?
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What was the Partition magic problem, and what version was it?
When you make the image use the "Ghost Advanced - Clone" utility, this will allow you to just image the 8gb partition.
Maybe because the other 30gb is unallocated ghost is including it, try creating a partition on this space & see if that helps.
Ghost only allows you to do one partion at a time from what I have seen. You would have to create the partions on the drive first, then ghost the w2k on to the smaller partion.
if you don't mind spending a few bucks, PQDI 2002 does a better job of this, and allows you to resize the partions on the fly when you blow the image back onto the machine,(either smaller or larger,). I do it all the time, and just did it today when someone wanted more hard drive space. Changed his 11 GB drive partioned into 2GB for os and 9 GB for storage into a 40GB drive 10 for os and 30 for storage.

>Ghost only allows you to do one partion at a time

This is not true - you can choose the option to do a disk-to-disk image, and all partitions will be copied.

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My mistake, but that doesn't seem to be working for him. When I have to do multiple partions that may change in size, or are on multiple physical drives, using ghost requires that I image one partion at a time, where as PQDI lets me image them all at once regardless of number of physical drives, and I can change the partion size when I put it on another machine
You can probably collect this from all the other answers, but a disk-to-disk ghost option will prompt for partition sizes, so you can keep it to 8gigs instead of 36.  It's a pain to switch all the hard drives around, but it's likely the best way.

g/luck to you
You can copy Partition to partition.
Goto Disk Copy, partition to partition.
Sometimes Ghost has 'issues" with this.
The failsafe way is to fdisk the drive first, create an 8GB Partition and then a 30GB partition.
Then use the commands above...Partition to Partition.
Works every time for me.

gateguardAuthor Commented:
I made it work by creating a partition using the unallocated space on the source drive.  Then the disk-disk copied both partions.  You just can't have unallocated on the source, that's all.
Glad we were able to help.
Isn't that what i said
"Maybe because the other 30gb is unallocated ghost is including it, try creating a partition on this space & see if that helps"

You are right.  Would you accept 250 points for your contribution?
Hi  Callandor,
It's not the points it's just I wonder if gateguard even read my post.
I was interested in the PQM issues
"PS:  I tried Partition Magic but that created problems of its own, which I'll go into if anyone is interested."
but i guess they have been resolved as well
oh ok it's a little bit about the points

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