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a simple question

is it possible that if a  site already created   e.g   www.yourname.com OR www.yourname.anydomain

[ HERE (anydomain)(yourname) are the name of any website and domain. ]

and other person create site named   www.yourname.com/index OR www.yourname.anydomain/index

4 Solutions

since website is located with the www.yourname.com and if u create more than one it will be name conflict.

also most of the time if u type www.yourname.com it automatically loads up www.yourname.com/index.html.
I'm not exactly sure of what the question is asking, but this may shed light on how domain names are resolved.

what happens when somebody types "www.domain.com" into their web browser?
  1.  Their web browser sends a request to their domain name server for the ip address
       of the computer that hosts "www.domain.com"
  2.  The DNS server checks its records to see if it has this information (even if it does,
       the information must be updated constantly).  If it doesn't (which it never does for
       long) it sends a request to one of the original DNS servers which are controlled by
       ICANN.  This DNS server will tell your DNS server which DNS server is "Authoritative"
       for that domain name.  Your DNS server then sends a request the "Authoritative" DNS
       server, which sends the IP address of the computer hosting "www.domain.com"
  3.  Your computer then sends a request to this IP address for the "index.html" file from
       the web servers root directory.

Since you set the "Authoritative" DNS server when you register "domain.com", and this DNS server is set in one of the original DNS servers controlled by ICANN, anybody that types in "www.domain.com" will almost always be directed to your site.

An exception:  If somebody sets up their own DNS server and puts in an incorrect entry for "domain.com", then anybody who uses this "incorrect" DNS server will be sent to the wrong website.
What are you asking? or, what are you trying to accomplish?
Nobody else but you can have your domain name!
domain name = yourname.com

only you can create anything below the domain i.e.  www.yourname.com/index.cfm or  www.yourname.com/dir/

However, having said that, people can spoof your domain name, i.e. a big ISP can put your domain name in their DNS and point it to their website, only the clients that would use their DNS would not get your site but the one they ar epointing to. Having said that, this is not something that is legal to do.

I hope this answers what you were asking, it was a bit vague..
If this is something that has just happened out of the blue, It may be that your ISP has simply had somethign go a little wrong on their servers.

THe ISP may be trying to use host headers, and one of their technicians has screwed something up
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