Keystroke to cycle through open documents in Dreamweaver?

This is a gimme for anyone who knows it, but for the life of me I can't find this referenced in the docs, in the keystroke chart, or anywhere!

In Dreamweaver I often have multiple files open and of course I can switch to them by clicking the tab for the document, but what if I want to do it without leaving the keyboard -- is there a keyboard shortcut?

What is it on the PC? And what is it on the Mac?
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For PC: CTRL+Tab :-)

I often hold down CTRL and hit Tab a few times to find the document I need.

Someone else can help you with the MAC solution, but my guess would be maybe the same keys?

alyoungAuthor Commented:
Hey there,

That works with older versions of Dreamweaver before MX; but the windows are all contained within one application window with MX and 2004!
If it for some reason do not work in your DWMX (PC) you have a corrupt version and need to reinstall.

But it should be pretty easy to test:
1. Open 2 documents
2. Click inside one document and hit CTRL+Tab

As I said I use it allt he time, and works with my MX and older versions. If anyone told you it only works in pre-mx versions of DW, they do not know what they are talking about :-)


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alyoungAuthor Commented:
Whoops, my bad, you were right!  Whew, that'll save me bunches of time!
Glad I could help! :-)

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