turn on/off warnings.

hey experts,
this seems like an easy one.  i run a lot of access programs.  in all of these programs, except one, i do not want to get warnings about updates/deletion/inserts.  i have gone to tools>options>edit/find and unchecked the boxes under "confirm" so this does not happen.  the trouble occurs when i want to run the one program where i do want the confirmations.  i don't want to have to check the boxes everytime i run it and then uncheck them when i'm done so that it doesn't carry over to the other programs.  i've tried doing docmd.setwarnings = true on form load and turning it off before the program closes.  all i get is the following warning "you won't be able to undo the changes this action query is about to make to the data in a linked table or tables".  the warning i want to see is "you are about to update 132 row(s)" which is what i see when i have the "confirm" checkboxes checked.  is there a way of replicating the checking and unchecking of these checkboxes from code so that i get the desired warning message?

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Application.SetOption "Confirm Action Queries", False
Application.SetOption "Confirm Record Changes", False

...to turn them off.  Same thing with True to turn them back on.

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
'U'r Code
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

U can use vice versa too
ryeandiAuthor Commented:
thanks rick,
exactly what i was looking for.
my bad...overlooked the post guyz
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